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Is your QA team detecting all the issues that real users may experience on your site or mobile app?

For most organizations, it is virtually impossible to catch every bug or defect. But what your QA team misses, your customers will most certainly find. The key is closing the gap.

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Crowdsourced testing allows you to rapidly scale up your QA teams and traditional testing programs through access to a global pool of skilled resources that specialize in testing specific aspects of digital products, such as mobile applications and websites. Unlike internal testers, a crowdtesting solution offers an unbiased, fresh view of your systems, which is especially useful for gaining usability insights. Testing is performed under real-life conditions to uncover bugs, defects, or design issues quickly, ensuring that your software and web applications will satisfy customers—no matter where and how they are being used.

By combining the creativity and experience of a global community of expert testing professionals, crowdtesting provides a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient solution that helps organizations ensure bug-free digital products for any device or browser your customers use, target testing in specific markets, and significantly reduce test cycles.

Benefits of Crowdsourced Testing

CTG’s testers leverage powerful software and proven processes that deliver results quickly. Our crowdsourced testing services include the following features:

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    Speed and Flexibility

    Rapidly set up a testing team to support your peak periods and urgent testing needs

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    Build a team of testers based on your requirements such as desired skill level or location 

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    Cross-Device Testing

    Test on a range of real devices, configurations, OSs, etc., to eliminate the cost of purchasing devices

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    Geographic Targeting

    Leverage experienced, vetted testers across the world to target testing within a specific location

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    Localization Testing

    Gather feedback on cultural nuances and translations from native speakers/testers 

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    User Experience Testing

    Validate the overall user digital experience by testing in real environments under real-life conditions

CTG Crowdsourced Testing services

As part of CTG’s end-to-end Testing Solutions, crowdtesting delivers comprehensive QA testing across a wide variety of testing platforms and devices to cover every conceivable way your software or applications will be used, validating the entire user experience. Our crowdtesting offerings include:

  • Usability

    Functional and Usability Testing

    Exploratory and scenario-based

  • Revenue22 Payment

    Point of Sale Testing

    Validates the functionality of applications used for customer transactions

  • Data Transfer

    Multi-Device Testing

    Ensures your website and apps work for customers

  • Global Delivery Network

    Multilingual Testing

    Leverages native testers from your target countries

  • Test Automation - Automation

    Test Automation

    Converts your scenarios into automated tests that will be regularly executed

  • Performance

    Performance Testing

    Re-uses automated tests to verify the systems’ performance prior to go-live

  • Gear Efficiency

    Real-Life Monitoring

    Verifies if critical workflows on the live environment are functioning correctly by re-using automated tests

We specialize in leveraging crowdtesting to ensure the quality of digital products in the retail and manufacturing, retail banking, and healthcare industries. 

According to CTG's survey, 77% of customers said they will exit an app or website if there are issues. Crowdsourced testing can help you avoid these costly errors.

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Why Choose CTG as Your Testing Partner?
  • Testing Solutions

    Application Testing Solutions

    Comprehensive solutions for all your testing needs

  • Remote Network Global

    24x7 Delivery Center Capabilities

    Locations in U.S. (Florida), Canada (Montreal), Colombia (Bogotá), Belgium (Brussels), Luxembourg (Bertrange and Belval), France (Marseille), and India (Hyderabad)

  • Interface

    Test Management Platform

    CTG uses BugTrappTM for tracking and managing test campaigns, defect management and bug reporting; integrates with Jira and Redmine and allows uploading and downloading of testing scenarios and test results

  • Crowdtesting/Customer Experience Testing

    Global Testing Network

    Our crowd community consists of more than 3,000 vetted, high-quality crowdtesters in 60+ countries, including native speakers fluent in 50+ languages

  • Management

    Test Management

    Dedicated testing leadership to oversee your entire campaign—from gathering and assessing your initial requirements, to designing test cases, selecting testers, tracking and managing bugs, and reporting results

  • Patients People Staff

    We Are Testers

    Proprietary testing platform used to manage test campaigns with our global community of QA testers

ctg—An expert in crowdsourced testing

As one of the leading crowdsourced testing companies, CTG has supported more than 400 clients across industries including:

  • Havaianas (Retail)—Website testing
  • La Redoute (Retail)—App exploratory testing
  • Danone (Food Services)—Website testing
  • SEB (Smart Home)—IoT testing
  • BNP Paribas (Banking) —Crowdsourced app testing
  • Biogaran (Pharmaeutical Laboratory)—App testing
  • Thalys (Transportation)—Chatbot testing
  • AVIRA (Technology)—Software testing
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