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By continuously keeping up with technological advances, CTG’s Application Development Services provide clients with the best end-to-end experience in modern application development. From classic web stack technologies to state-of-the-art frameworks from Microsoft, AWS, and the best open-source tooling, our specialists create advanced, high-performing cloud solutions and applications.

We build applications, but we also know how to unlock your corporate potential through process optimization and data-driven decision making.

CTG’s Application Development Services can help accelerate your business by ensuring:


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    Application Modernization

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    Better Work Efficiencies

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    Customized Solutions

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    Flexibility to Scale

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    Digital Transformation Methodologies

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We can adapt to each client’s unique business needs and deliver applications with scalable and future-proof technologies.  

  • Business Platform/Power Platform/Azure Services

    Platform-Based Solutions

    Leverage existing platform capabilities:

    • M365 
    • ServiceNow 
    • Nintex 
    • Azure 
    • AWS 
  • Coding

    Low/No-Code-Generating Tools

    Rapid application with seamless integration on any device:

    • Power Platform
    • Nintex
    • Radzen
    • .Net Applications
  • Cloud Hosting

    Cloud Native Architecture

    Modern architectures for reliable, low-cost delivery:

    • Microservices
    • AI
    • Machine Learning
    • Bots
    • Logic Apps
    • Functions
  • Experience/Industry Expertise (correct file)

    Agile-Certified Consultants and Innovative Providers

    Industry's best delivering:

    • High business value
    • Strong partnership mentality
    • Transparency to continuously improve
Application Development Services

CTG helps maximize your enterprise software and application investment value, efficiency, and effectiveness in support of your planned objectives with our range of Application Development Services.

An end-to-end approach transforms the way we work for our clients, with our clients. CTG is one of the only service providers with:

  • A complete panel of skills
  • A large portfolio of services
  • An interaction between business units
  • A common working methodology

Strategic partnership produces a co-creation mindset and generates synergy. The goal of our partnership mentality is to be pragmatic, continuously improve, and drive value.

Agile delivery accelerates digital initiatives by increasing collaboration and transparency while providing:

  • Focus and commitment
  • Incremental value delivery
  • Adaptability and alignment
  • Happier, motivated people
  • Reduced risk
  • Innovation
Why CTG?
  • Experience/Industry Expertise (correct file)

    Trusted Partner

    More than 55 years’ experience 

  • Settings Tools Tech Resources

    Innovation Experts

    Experience with leading technology and tools (Microsoft, AWS, ServiceNow, Nintex, etc.) 

  • Global Delivery Network

    Global Delivery Centers

    24x7 support and delivery capabilities; Fluent in seven languages and serving clients in more than 45 countries

  • 3 People


    Cost and time savings (Projects complete in days, not weeks) 

  • Support Goal Expert

    Application Development Experience

    Over 200 clients across industries

  • DT Solution Offering (correct file)

    Solution Add-Ons

    Testing, Data and Analytics, Automation, Training, Digital Transformation Programs


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