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Improving the Digital Experience for Your Customers. Testing Services Designed to Analyze and Optimize Your Customer-Facing Applications

Don’t Let Bugs Break Down the Customer Experience. Retail organizations must rely on e-commerce now more than ever. The pressure to rapidly deploy your digital platforms and keep up with frequent updates increases your chances of missing software bugs or defects. A software glitch that causes a customer to have a negative user experience can lead to an “abandoned cart,” which results in weakened consumer confidence in your brand, and ultimately impacts your revenue.

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Ensure The Best Digital Services To Support Customers

Our Crowdtesting services can help your organization:

  • Safety
    Improve Accuracy, Usability, and Functionality
  • Review Assess Checklist
    Streamline and Optimize the Customer Experience
  • Performance
    Drive Brand Confidence and Sales
  • Analytics
    Increase Agility, Speed, and Quality
  • Ctg Icon Benefits
    Maximize Costs Savings
  • Ctg Icon Telecommunications/coordinate - duplicate
    Comply with Accessibility Guidelines

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service offerings

CTG provides innovative Crowdtesting services to improve your customers’ digital experience with the services you provide for online purchases, customer service, bill pay, and more.

Our services, which can be performed remotely or onsite, identify and report any bugs or anomalies within your customer-facing applications to improve overall user satisfaction, functionality, usability, and accessibility. Extended services are available to continue testing or fix errors.

  • Requirements Regulatory Compliance

    Functional and Usability Testing

    Exploratory and scenario-based

  • Information Management Information Disclosure Management

    Multi-Device Testing

    Ensuring your website and apps work for customers

  • Security

    Accessibility Testing

    Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) 2.1 compliance

  • Review Assess Checklist

    Multilingual Testing

    Native testers from your target countries

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Value-Added Features

CTG’s testers leverage powerful software and proven processes that deliver results quickly. Our services include the following features:

  • Application Assessment: Validation of application complexity

  • Project Leadership: A dedicated CTG Program Manager

  • Testing Team: Up to 30 testers with 24x7 coverage

  • Executive Dashboard: Real-time bug-tracking and reporting

Why CTG?

Retail Expertise
30 Years’ Experience Supporting Retail Operations with IT

Testing Experience
More Than 400 Clients Across Industries

Advanced Technology for Tracking and Managing Bugs

Global Testing Network
Almost 3,000 Testers in Over 60 Countries

Accessibility Specialists
Digital Accessibility Expertise

Application Testing Solutions
Comprehensive Solutions for all of Your Testing Needs

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