Solutions to Help Organizations Strategically Configure, Deploy, Manage, and Optimize ServiceNow

The “workplace of tomorrow” has arrived. Today, employees are working remotely more than ever, customers and data are moving to the cloud, and organizations must manage a growing number of devices and applications. As a driver of digital transformation acceleration, CTG maintains a partnership with ServiceNow, a leading solution provider of cloud-based digital workflows that connect people, functions, and systems across your enterprise to accelerate innovation, increase agility, and enhance productivity. We deliver collaborative ServiceNow consulting services that enable organizations to navigate the complexities involved in implementing, configuring, managing, and optimizing the ServiceNow platform for maximum value realization.



Unlock the full potential of ServiceNow platform with solutions that enable you to automate and streamline business processes across all of your enterprise from IT to HR, finance, and beyond. Whether you are considering ServiceNow, looking to implement or optimize the platform or specific modules, CTG offers scalable solutions to help you develop and execute a plan with the support you need to maximize the ROI of ServiceNow—no matter your industry or vertical. CTG supports the following ServiceNow solutions: IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), IT Asset Management (ITAM), IT Business Management (ITBM), HR Service Delivery, Security Operations (SecOps), DevOps, and Customer Service Management (CSM).

  • Business Solutions

    Business Solutions

    Strategic advisory services to assess your current-state and develop a strategy and roadmap for achieving your goals and specific initiatives through the ServiceNow platform

  • Technology Industry

    IT Solutions

    Expertise for platform and module-specific ServiceNow implementations, migrations, upgrades, enhancement, optimization, and IT service and business management (ITSM, ITBM, ITOM, Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), SecOps, etc.)

  • Support Maintenance Patching

    Lifecycle Management and Support Services

    Managed services including outsourced production support, services catalog management, and workflow modifications, maintenance, and enhancements to improve the employee and customer experience 

Learn more about how CTG can help healthcare organizations reduce costs, deliver high-quality employee experiences, drive operational resilience, realize significant efficiency gains, and lower risk by leveraging ServiceNow.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with CTG’s ServiceNow Solutions

As a ServiceNow Specialist Partner, CTG helps clients address their most pressing business challenges with the right ServiceNow platform capabilities in order to optimize productivity, cost, and resilience. Our ServiceNow Consulting Solutions:

  • Reduces the cost of re-work and unrealized gains
  • Supports tool expansion and maturity beyond ITSM so organizations can leverage the many ServiceNow workflows (i.e., HR, SecOps etc.)
  • Develops and trains in-house talent to ensure ServiceNow is being utilized with best practice guidelines
  • Enables management of the ServiceNow tenant to optimize and customize overall customer experience
  • Improves IT processes and data governance
  • Provides consultation to support to address your challenges and further your goals and objectives
CTG Differentiators
  • Advantage/Strategy

    A Holistic, Strategic Approach

    Structured approach to planning, design, implementation, and ongoing support that improves governance, process management, and platform effectiveness

  • Training Education

    One-on-One Coaching and Team Training

    Grows client-in-house ServiceNow skillsets to minimize turnover and maximize adoption

  • Interaction

    Strong Client Relationships

     Partner with clients to develop creative solutions that address business needs across the enterprise

  • Partnership Consulting

    ServiceNow Partnership

    Long-term, collaborative relationship with ServiceNow and knowledge of updates and best practices 

  • Experience/Industry Expertise (correct file)

    Industry and Domain Expertise

    ServiceNow module specialists and certified consultants that have implemented and integrated ServiceNow in complex environments

  • Global Delivery Network

    Delivery Centers

    Strategic service delivery platform for a broad spectrum of IT solutions

CTG Case Studies
  • Pipeline System Operator: Workforce analytics portal, custom workflows, core ITSM module enhancement, and implementation of new modules.
  • Southcentral Foundation: ServiceNow assessment and workflow recommendation, and strategic roadmap.
  • AlaskaUSA Federal Credit Union: Service Portal assessment, Inventory Management, CMDB, and Software Asset Management.
  • Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI): Analysis of current ServiceNow environment, including platform and module workflows. Update to CMDB and platform administration.
  • Credit Union 1 (CU1): Net new implementation to support regulatory compliance and audit findings. Implementation planning for Now Platform, CMDB, and full ITSM.
Case Studies

Our Continued Success

No matter the challenge or strategic imperative, we ensure our clients’ success through collaborative partnerships.

Case Studies

ServiceNow Consulting FAQs
  • Why use ServiceNow?

    ServiceNow is a cloud services provider offering Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to a variety of industries. ServiceNow offerings help businesses modernize their processes through automation and digitization by connecting people, functions, and systems using a single cloud platform.

    ServiceNow applications and modules are built on top of the ServiceNow platform, which provides a common data model and set of services to deliver applications focused on stakeholder experiences, frictionless flow of work, integration into the broader application landscape, service performance data, event detection, automation, and embedded AI/ML.

  • Is ServiceNow a common services platform?

    Yes, ServiceNow is built on a common services platform, which enables core services (e.g., workflows, integrations, automation, notifications, etc.) that allow organizations to optimize the “driving of work” across the organization. This minimizes friction caused by miscommunications or dropped balls and minimizes wait time in processes. This becomes a powerful platform on which organizations can deploy ServiceNow applications, cross-functional workflows, or use ServiceNow’s low-code/no-code app engine to build company or industry applications rapidly with solid governance.

  • Does ServiceNow use a common data model?

    Yes, ServiceNow is built on a common data model that includes:

    1. Foundation Data: Including user, department, cost center, etc.
    2. Service-Level Reporting Data: Measures performance of delivery against service-level targets.
    3. A Configuration Management Database (CMDB): Includes all of the physical assets an organization manages; this could be limited to traditional IT assets, but also includes the ability to track operational assets such as controllers, machinery, engines, pumps, remote health monitoring devices, etc.
    4. The Common Services Data Layer: Provides a “business context layer” linking business capabilities and required processes to business, application, and technical services, which then can be linked to the physical assets in the CMDB.
  • Why is ServiceNow’s common data model important?

    ServiceNow’s common data model that is leveraged across apps provides the following benefits:

    • Allows for a comprehensive view of the business without multiple, complex app integrations.
    • Prevents loss of data fidelity as it is mapped from one system’s data model to another. 
    • Applies business context consistently across all data.

    The common data model provides an organization with increased visibility with a line of sight from business capabilities, processes, and the services that enable them through to:

    • Service Costs: Manage incidents, changes, problems that may affect budgets, etc.
    • Level of Service: Maintain availability, reliability, and service delivery performance against targets.
    • Application Coverage: Enables portfolio management and rationalization decisions.
    • Project Portfolio Investments: Oversee how projects within a portfolio align to business capabilities, corporate strategy, and objectives.
    • Risks and Compliances: Understand possible impact on business continuity and security threats.

    ServiceNow does recognize that it needs to coexist with other systems, and as such, has a robust integration hub and automation architecture to facilitate integrations with other systems that may exist within the environment.

  • What does a ServiceNow consultant do?

    ServiceNow consultants can play multiple roles, based on expertise and experience:

    • An advisory architect can assist in developing a transformation blueprint and roadmap for streamlining and integrating the business capabilities a company delivers, providing new capabilities and ways of working to improve customer, employee, or supplier experiences, maximizing technology and operational excellence, or using the platform to build game-changing apps to provide competitive advantage or enable new business models.
    • Business Process Consultants (BPC) conduct workshops to gather customer requirements for implementing ServiceNow modules and apps, and document those requirements as user stories that the client can then sign off on to define the scope for an implementation. During the build phase, BPCs perform internal QA testing, document and reconcile clarifications to requirements, and help prepare user acceptance testing scripts.
    • Solutions architects have extensive experience with ServiceNow and understand business challenges and solutions. They define the technical solution that fits the requirements, while ensuring the solution is consistent with other apps within the platform and that customizations are minimal and will not impact upgrades and total cost of ownership. They also lead sprint planning and daily technical standups to ensure the development team is on track and all questions and blockers are addressed.
    • Developers are responsible for configuring the solution, which includes implementing service portals, defining services and record producers, configuring SLAs and notifications, etc. Configuration can also include implementing business rules, client scripts, and UI policies.
  • What skills does a ServiceNow consultant need?

    To effectively work with ServiceNow as a consultant, considerable knowledge of the ServiceNow platform and applications are required, in addition to workflow and integration skills:

    • Platform and application configurations
    • Scripting of business rules, UI policies, client scripts, and script includes using Javascript and Node.js
    • Implementing workflows using flow designer
    • Customizing portals using angularJS and CSS
    • Implementing integrations utilizing ServiceNow’s Integration Hub Spoke architecture and REST APIs

    A solid understanding of Agile methods, including user story development, sprint planning, show and tell sessions, and development in short sprints is also necessary.

    For senior-level resources, strong understanding of managing complex transformation programs, process engineering and optimization, requirements gathering, and solution design are also required.

  • Is ServiceNow a SaaS or PaaS?

    ServiceNow provides both Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings, but is most commonly provided as SaaS. 

    • SaaS: ServiceNow hosts a suite of domain, vertical, and horizontal applications built on top of the ServiceNow platform that cover a broad set of business capabilities and imperatives grouped into Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Technology Excellence, Operational Excellence, and Build and Automate. ServiceNow provides applications covering ITSM and IT operations management, asset management, operational technology management, HR service delivery, patient portals, customer service management, field service management, and more. 

    Paas: ServiceNow’s low-code/no-code app engine allows users to rapidly build custom business applications leveraging a ready-built environment with built-in components.

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