Provide Efficient 24x7 Support That Delights Customers and Employees 

vChat—our chatbot builder platform—enables the fast and easy deployment of chatbots across various digital channels to make interactions between companies and their customers, partners, and employees more efficient and engaging.

Today’s consumer expects immediate response and service—many leave a brand after just one poor experience. vChat ensures your customer service creates happy and loyal customers.

The chatbots created with vChat use artificial intelligence (AI) to enable human-like conversations that deliver immediate and more efficient customer and employee support and enhance their overall user experience, while providing your organization the actionable data and insights you need to continuously improve relationships and drive growth.

In today’s fast-paced digital economy, vChat’s AI-driven customer service levels the playing field for any organization, including those with limited technical skills and resources.

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vChat Chatbots Offer Adaptability and
Versatility for Any Business

vChat enables the easy deployment of specialized chatbots to address unique industry-specific challenges. vChat is supporting improved customer and employee engagement in retail, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, membership-based businesses, and more.

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Discover the power of vChat's conversational AI to transform your customer and employee engagement.

Key Benefits of vChat Chatbots

  • Communication

    Meet Visitors Where They Are

    vChat’s deep flexibility allows you to interact with customers and employees 24x7 through a variety of messaging platforms, giving you the power to personalize every interaction to meet individual preferences and ultimately create a stronger relationship.

  • 3 People

    Implement Role-Based Solutions

    Use AI-powered chatbots to empower HR with faster recruiting and employee engagement, enable rapid marketing and sales engagement to convert visitors into leads, respond to frequently asked support questions, and more.

  • Decrease Cost

    Reduce Operational Costs

    Implementing a fully functioning chatbot less expensive and more efficient than adding additional resources. With vChat, you can easily and cost-effectively scale to meet growing and changing needs. 

  • Vchat Bot

    Go Beyond the Conversation

    Our chatbots don’t just talk with your digital visitors. Think of vChat as your digital assistant—it can help you with your recruitment process and schedule interviews in your calendar, qualify leads, and put them into your CRM.

  • Social Media

    Keep Customers and Employees Satisfied

    vChat simultaneously handles a multitude of requests, instantly providing world-class support in each visitor's preferred language, while capturing data that uncovers issues and opportunities so businesses can act fast to keep customers and employees close and happy. 

Product Compliance

We adhere to the proper controls related to security, availability, processing integrity confidentiality, and privacy of client data and the protection of patient health information in the U.S. Eleviant CTG’s PeopleOnevBots, and vChat products are SOC 3 Certified and HIPAA compliant.

vChat Is Helping Companies Enhance Customer and Employee Support

vChat Chatbot Case Studies

vChat saved a game development industry leader 100+ productive work hours/week.

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vChat automates customer service for American Leather, a leading manufacturer, improving real-time support for their growing customer base.

Read the case study

vChat accelerated the ability of TitleMax, a fintech company, to efficiently handle a barrage of HR queries.

Read the case study

vChat Technology Features

vChat uses the latest conversational AI models and integrates with the most popular platforms to deliver engaging responses in a variety of contexts.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Engagement

    Powered by NLP, our chatbots create personalized conversations between your brand and your customers, employees, and partners to increase engagement and brand loyalty.

  • Unified Control With Our Central Management System (CMS)

    Our CMS provides integrated oversight of all chatbots to enable easier management and monitoring from a central command center. The intuitive interface makes it easy to see how each bot is performing and automate certain actions when specific events are triggered.

  • Multi-Platform Engagement

    Our chatbots support all popular communications platforms, from improving your messenger experience, to engaging through integrated SMS messages, to seamlessly managing conversations and improving engagement on WhatsApp. Our chatbots also integrate with Shopify to enable more relevant and helpful conversations with customers.

  • Multilingual Support

    Connect with your customers and employees in any language of their choice.  

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