Activation Readiness, Training, Support, and Optimization Services That Enhance Adoption and Go-Live Success

You’ve spent years building and customizing your Electronic Health Record (EHR)―now you need to deploy it. An EHR activation is a massive undertaking for any organization from both a technical and staff perspective. Activations require careful planning and coordination to ensure staff can use the new EHR with confidence and without affecting patient care.

CTG Can Help Ensure a Smooth Go-Live for Your Organization. 

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While this is an exciting opportunity for staff to improve patient care and daily operations with technology, it can be stressful to face a change of this magnitude. You must ensure all ancillary systems and equipment are properly integrated and able to migrate data―like appointments and patient charts―to the new EHR, and plan for adequate support during go-live. In addition, potentially thousands of end users must be trained on the application and workflows. At go-live, staff need at-the-ready support to ensure adoption and build confidence in the new system.

CTG’s Training and Activation Solutions help your organization ensure a successful activation. We offer solutions for critical go-live readiness activities, end-user training, workflow optimization, and end-user support for our clients. CTG’s offerings provide:

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    Premier Epic Training and Activation Team

    More than 1,000 activations led by top industry experts, Epic-Certified and Credentialed Trainers, and experienced application support staff 

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    Cost-Effective Support

    Seasoned management who accelerate training and activation, while adhering to timelines and budgets 

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    Flexible Delivery Models

    Classroom, remote/virtual training, or a hybrid model to meet unique needs

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    Tiered Management Approach for Communications and Supervision

    Ability to plan and execute a comprehensive support program, with the field experience to adapt quickly

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    Proven Best Practices

    Experience managing hundreds of training and activation staff and complex logistics involved in “big bang” go-lives

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    Concierge Approach

    A white-glove approach to supporting providers helps enhance confidence

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    Intelligent Management Tools

    System Adoption Measurement Tools provide comprehensive reporting

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    Expanded COVID-19 Safety Protocols

    Proven experience providing hundreds of resources safely during the pandemic

Client Story

Hear from Joyce Hanscom, retired CIO at Luminis Health, Doctors Community Hospital, about the exceptional service CTG provided during their Epic go-live. CTG exceeded their expectations with our professional team and quality customer service.

Watch now to learn how we helped with staffing recommendations, command center setup, and the overall go-live process. 

Luminis Health Partners With CTG for Epic Go-Live
CTG Epic Training and Activation Offerings

We provide the experience and knowledge to deliver the support you need, where and when you need it by offering the following services. We also offer comprehensive Epic Consulting Services that provide full lifecycle support for your EHR.

  • Advantage/Strategy

    Comprehensive Program Strategy

    • Activation Readiness Strategy and Planning
    • Support Strategy—Super Users, Onsite, Virtual, Hybrid
    • Program Assessments and Right-Sizing
    • Patient Portal Support and Adoption
  • Training Education

    Training Services

    • Program Management and Coordination
    • Curriculum Development and Build
    • STS Program Planning and Support
    • User Setting Lab Solutions
    • Classroom Trainers and Support
  • Deploy/Launch/Start Up/Go Live

    Activation Readiness

    • Technical Dress Rehearsal
    • Appointment Conversion and Inpatient Backload
    • Command Center Planning and Management
    • Communications/Ambassador Program
  • Doctor

    Concierge Services

    • Peer-to-Peer, Specialty-to-Specialty Support
    • Provider Personalization Labs
    • Provider Resource Centers/SWAT
    • Specialty-Specific Communications
  • Settings Tools Tech Resources

    Activation Support Services

    • Full Go-Live Support Team
    • Tiered Management Structure
    • At-the-Ready Program
    • Schedule Development and Management
    • Intelligent Tools and Reporting
  • Vision Journey End To End Roadmap (1)

    End-to-End Logistics

    • Comprehensive Logistics Strategy
    • Onsite Review and Assessment
    • Seasoned Management in the Field
    • Reporting and Control

An EHR Activation Is a Massive Undertaking. CTG Can Ease Your Transition.

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CTG experience 

CTG enabled a smooth go-live for VCU Health System with training and at-the-elbow assistance for 16,000+ end users

"CTG was an important partner during our Epic go-live," says Sharon Gibbs, Senior Director of EHR Operations at VCU Health. "CTG was able to pivot quickly to address changing training, readiness, and go-live needs.”

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CTG experts have supported 1,000+ Epic EHR deployments for organizations like these:

Why CTG?
  • Web Family Health

    Committed and Experienced Resources

    Industry-leading management and top-performing staff will be dedicated to each client’s go-live; network of 14,000+ experienced Epic professionals

  • Healthcare_Industry

    Healthcare Industry Expertise

    CTG has invested in building a premier team with top industry experts that understand healthcare’s demands and requirements

  • Revenue2

    Financially Strong Company

    We have the financial stability to support the program without the need for upfront payments, and we are experts at controlling costs

  • Patients People Staff

    At-the-Ready Program—Risk Mitigation

    Additional CTG onboarded staff ready to deploy for gaps or unplanned needs

  • Experience/Industry Expertise (correct file)

    Long-Standing Experience

    Experienced with 1,000+ deployments, our team utilizes advanced methodology based on lessons learned and best practices, resulting in reliable results and support for your organization

  • EHR Services

    Comprehensive Training/Activation Services

    Full-service In-Patient/Ambulatory Epic support addresses your requirements, provides a positive experience for end users, and anticipates other needs as go-live nears

  • Idea

    Additional Innovative Solutions

    One-stop shop for economies of scale, cost-effective pricing models—Training Dress Rehearsal, Ambassador Program, Command Center, IP Backload, AMB Abstraction, and Appointment Conversion

Epic Activation FAQ
  • What is Epic ATE Support?

    Epic ATE (at-the-elbow = readily available) support are individuals who are specialized in the electronic health record (EHR). Their primary role is to be readily available to engage end users, answer questions, report issues, and assist with troubleshooting during the go-live.

  • What is cutover?

    Cutover is the process of transitioning information from a legacy system to the new Epic system. Cutover takes a great deal of planning pre-go-live to ensure that all tasks and necessary items are completed and ready in time for the go-live. These cutover tasks are a combination of manual and electronic processes.

  • What is data migration in Epic?

    Data migration is when data, such as patient charts immunization history, medical treatments, laboratory testing results, etc., are transferred between one environment (i.e., legacy system) to Epic.

  • What is a Go-Live Readiness Assessment (GLRA)?

    GLRA is an assessment tool used to review all in-scope areas for the planned Epic go-live and to evaluate their readiness status—both for the project team and as a tool to measure organization’s readiness. If deficits are noted, the GLRA will identify the areas at risk and where leadership intervention is required. These assessments are typically done 120, 90, 60, and/or 30 days out from go-live.

  • What is a Technical Dress Rehearsal (TDR)?

    An important readiness activity for any Epic implementation is a TDR. TDRs focus on hardware and devices. The TDR team will work with the application team to design testing and workflows. During the TDR process, items such as workstations, printers, scanning configuration device integration, mobile devices, and much more are tested and evaluated for expected behavior. The results from testing are then recorded and tracked, and each tested device is tagged to indicate its readiness for go-live.

  • What are the keys to a successful Go-Live?

    Communication is key! Be sure to set clear expectations for all users who will impacted by the go-live. Plan early and update often. Go-live is a dynamic and continually evolving process. No detail is too small—control every minute, every day.

Epic Training FAQ
  • What is Epic training?

    Epic is a healthcare software company that provides electronic health record (EHR) software for healthcare organizations. Training is an essential component of an organization's implementation plan; ensuring end-users are ready and knowledgeable on day one of your Epic install.

    Training is also a vital ally in the change management process. Feedback gained either during the curriculum development phase or actual end-user training can help bolster your organization’s transformation and adoption goals. Ultimately, a successful Epic launch depends on a variety of factors, the foremost being the type of system or software being implemented and the methodology employed in training end users.

  • How long does Epic training take?

    Epic training varies depending on healthcare worker’s experience with the software. Based on the role of the healthcare worker, training can be minimal, ranging from a few hours to a few days. Alternatively, physicians require an average of 10 hours of training, plus four hours in a learning lab. Training methods vary (i.e., in-person, hybrid, or virtual) and can be tailored to the needs of the staff.

  • What training classes for Epic are available?

    A unique feature of the Epic software system is that it offers a wide range of role-based functionality for both Revenue Cycle Management and Clinical Application teams. Epic Training involves analyzing all the applicable roles at your organization and developing curriculum based on those findings. A complete listing of Epic classes offered at your organization along with recommended training pathways for each role can typically be found in the Course Catalog or your Learning Management System.

  • When does Epic training occur?

    Training is a continual process that flows from one phase to the next. Credentialed Trainers are placed through a rigorous six-week training and selection process for their various applications. Next, employees who serve as Super Users are trained to pilot the curriculum and help refine the final product. Wide-scale end-user training kicks off approximately eight to 10 weeks before go-live. Following go-live, training focuses on new hires, optimization requests, and/or gap training

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