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Benefit Automation Solutions: Application Configuration Testing

Automated testing services designed to improve the user experience, while increasing efficiencies and lowering costs

Each year, health plan providers must evaluate and reconfigure their benefits packages to meet the changing needs of members and their families in an ever-more personalized and complex care delivery world. To ready these plans for the market, benefit application configurations must be meticulously validated and tested to ensure they function as designed—all in time for that critical first day of open enrollment.

Manual testing can often be complicated, redundant, and expensive and require additional resources to meet annual aggressive enrollment renewal timelines. Despite best efforts, there remains a risk of error and delay impacting countless beneficiaries.

CTG Benefit Automation Solutions Drive $1 Million in Cost Savings
for Major Health Plan Insuring Over 700K Members

Our solutions created a 150% reduction in the overall cost of benefits configuration and testing, translating to over  $1 million in savings annually. Savings have supported additional test automation investment, further reducing resource needs by 70%. Automation has resulted in an 80% reduction in configuration turnaround time, customer satisfaction improvement from 3.5 to 4, and an average quality index improvement of 95%.

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Test Smarter, Not Harder with Intelligent Automation

Intelligent, automated technology and has the power to accelerate application testing, enable digital transformation, and result in a stress-free open enrollment for health plan providers and administrators.

CTG’s Benefit Automation Solutions:

  • Provide the accelerated test cycles, coverage, and agility necessary to enhance members’ digital experience, reduce risk, improve accuracy, and reduce cost
  • Significantly streamline the testing process—from plan to design and configuration to enrollment renewal

Our solutions enable you to: 

  • Speed

    Accelerate test cycles to create higher-quality products, in less time, with fewer resources

  • Web Growth

    Expand testing cycle capacity by as much as 4x the number of test cases to enhance speed to market and product quality

  • Testing

    Perform agile testing automation that adjusts to your need with our tool’s user-friendly web interface

  • Collateral/Reports

    Automate executive dashboards to provide complete details of testing progress, completion, and coverage status

More than 293 million Americans each year rely on insurance plans to pay for their healthcare—CTG’s Benefit Automation Solutions helps you drive a seamless, error-free user experience for them.

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Benefit Automation Solutions

Drawing on our more than 35 years of providing innovative health IT consulting services and solutions to payer, provider, and life sciences clients, experience with over 400 testing clients, and extensive payer testing team feedback, CTG’s Benefit Automation Solutions can:

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    Compare offered vs. configured benefits, at the service level

  • Checkmark

    Ensure accurate provider reimbursement and member obligation with claim-level validation

  • Checkmark

    Test consistently with multiple paths across business areas, service levels, and users—significantly increasing coverage (<5% to 99.9%

  • Checkmark

    Test claims without compromising protected health information by eliminating human error and knowledge limitations

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    Identify errors sooner with two-step validation

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    Establish benchmark claims at the service level—no need to come up with claims for each testing cycle

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    Streamline defect fixes with automated assignments to developers, alert when ready for retesting, and ability to retest only the fixes

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    Support data-driven decision making with executive dashboards showing testing, completion, and coverage status across devices

Why CTG?

CTG is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions and services to the healthcare payer and provider market, serving as a catalyst for our clients’ transformations. With experts certified in PAHM and FAHM and hands-on health plan experience, we seek to accelerate project momentum and achievement of your organization’s unique, desired outcomes—reimagined customer experiences, improved business performance, data-driven decision making, and continuous innovation—with agility and confidence.

Our Automated Testing, Agile and DevSecOps, Internet of Things (IoT), Intelligent Automation, Data and Analytics, and Cloud expertise underpins all of CTG’s solutions and help you get the most value from your transformational technologies and methodologies.

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