In an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape with revenue significantly tied to value-based care and patient expectations, the need to provide a seamless patient engagement experience is paramount.

To help drive growth and success, healthcare leaders need a partner who understands the importance of an engaged patient population and the role of technology in streamlining patient-provider communications, patient interaction, care, and support.

CTG’s Patient Engagement Solutions are delivered by healthcare industry experts, powered by automated, intelligent technologies. These solutions are designed to improve operational efficiencies, increase patient satisfaction, and streamline care management.

By 2024, “patient engagement” will make up 35% of the CMS Star Ratings, making it the highest-weighted category.

Delivering Solutions to Help Automate and Unify a Patient’s Healthcare Journey
  • Increase usage adoption and improve home compliance and care with the help of patient-focused, knowledgeable support teams.

  • EHR Services

    Medical Device Support and EHR Integration

    Maximize the use of health devices through education, registration, technical support, and coordination.

  • Telehealth Female

    Telehealth Readiness and Support

    Optimize consumer satisfaction and user retention while maximizing efficiency for providers.

  • Communication

    Centralized Contact Center

    Make the patient experience frictionless, simple, and efficient through automated, omni-channel communication workflows like appointment scheduling, patient forms, missed visit follow ups, and more.

  • Workflow Optimization 1

    Synchronized Care Coordination

    Synchronize the delivery of a patient’s health care from multiple providers and specialists while eliminating redundant tests and procedures and reducing costs.

CTG can help improve your patient engagement experience. Learn more today.

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CTG Offers Healthcare Solutions That Accelerate Your Time to Value

Digital Portfolio Differentiators

  • Experience/Industry Expertise (correct file)

    Decades of Healthcare Expertise

  • Innovative Tools Methodology

    Proven Tools and Methodologies

  • Vchat Conversational AI

    Intelligent Automation/AI

  • Patients People Staff

    Industry Leading Technology and Healthcare Talent

  • DT Solution Offering (correct file)

    Innovative Digital Transformation Solutions


97% of consumers say that their support desk experience impacts their likelihood of being a return patient.

CTG’s Patient Engagement Solutions and Expertise
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    Care Design and Management

  • Checkmark

    Telehealth Readiness and Support

  • Checkmark

    InBasket Triage, Resolution, and Automation

  • Checkmark

    Appointment Scheduling Services

  • Checkmark

    Pre and Post-Visit Support Services

  • Checkmark

    Patient Proxy Request Support

  • Checkmark

    Ongoing Service Desk Agent Training

  • Checkmark

    Digital Front Door

  • Checkmark

    Digital Process Support (eForms, eConsent, etc.)

  • Checkmark

    Customized Communications (Phone, Chat, Text, Auto-Calling)

Why CTG?

CTG, a digital HIT leader, offers a full suite of innovative services and solutions. Our team brings decades of healthcare and system experience to every engagement. Coupled with proprietary methodologies, we deliver customized solutions to address your unique requirements–from Epic Installs/Refuels, to CMS Star System Optimization, Patient and Employee Engagement, Community Connect, AI/Automation, Service/Help Desk, ServiceNow, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Cloud Migration, App Rationalization, and more. With more than 35 years of healthcare experience, we fully understand what it takes to provide dependable solutions that create foundational stability for growth.

Solutions delivered by healthcare experts and powered by technology—CTG accelerates the path to achieving your outcomes.

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