Navigate Evolving Cybersecurity Regulations With Confidence 

Cybersecurity isn't just about prevention—it's about being prepared and resilient in the face of potential attacks. And, for U.S. oil and gas organizations, regulatory compliance is a critical part of maintaining proper cyber hygiene.

CTG’s structured approach ensures adherence to the latest compliance initiatives, providing a holistic view of your environment for prioritized vulnerability remediation and risk mitigation, while empowering you to adopt enhanced security measures and maintain seamless operations.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Regulatory Compliance

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    Proactive Defense

    Regularly evaluate and assess the effectiveness of cybersecurity measures.

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    Reduced Risk

    Prepare for potential cybersecurity incidents.

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    Clear Progress Tracking

    Keep all plans up-to-date and report findings regularly.

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    Empowered Teams

    Engage with all stakeholders and ensure they are well trained.

Worried about regulatory compliance? 

From FISMA to TSA, CTG will help you assess, plan, and conquer. Schedule your comprehensive assessment today!

CTG’s S.E.C.U.R.E Framework for Cybersecurity Regulatory Compliance

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    Strategy Development

    • Develop a Cybersecurity Implementation Plan that meets compliance standards.
    • Define specific cybersecurity measures and timelines.
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    Evaluation and Assessment

    • Conduct a cybersecurity architecture design review (CADR).
    • Implement penetration testing and "red" and "purple" team testing.
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    Cybersecurity Incident Response

    • Develop and maintain a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan.
    • Test the plan's effectiveness through a series of exercises.
    • Include key personnel in incident response exercises.
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    Update and Reporting

    • Update the Cybersecurity Assessment Plan annually.
    • Submit reports detailing assessment results.
    • Review and update plans based on findings and feedback.
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    Risk Management

    • Determine facility criticality.
    • Identify potential security vulnerabilities.
    • Implement risk reduction countermeasures.
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    Engagement and Training

    • Conduct security awareness outreach efforts.
    • Provide security training for company personnel and contractors.
    • Engage with neighbors, law enforcement, media, and the public.
Why CTG?
  • Experience/Industry Expertise (correct file)

    Deep Understanding of the Energy Industry

    CTG’s teams have hands-on knowledge of the intricacies of the energy industry, including the entire oil and gas value chain, allowing us to tailor our approach to specific vulnerabilities within your environment.

  • Certificate/Certification Award

    Current Knowledge of Regulatory Directives

    We stay up to date with evolving regulatory demands—including TSA, NIST, FISMA, and others— to ensure we recommend the most relevant and effective compliance strategies.

  • Partnership Consulting

    Proven Expertise

    Our team has more than 10 years’ experience in comprehensive cybersecurity assessments.

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    Cutting-Edge Solutions and Technology

    We offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to meet your unique needs and employ the industry’s leading tools and technologies, when necessary.

Case Studies
  • U.S. Pipeline: Over the past 30 years working with the client, CTG has provided cybersecurity solutions including firewall and incident response management, and performance dashboard development for executive leadership. Specifically, CTG supported the client in complying with the TSA Security Directives and provided project management support for other related cybersecurity activities.
  • U.S. Railroad: CTG worked with the client to comply with TSA Security Directive 1580/82-2022-01 by writing a Cybersecurity Implementation Plan (CIP) that met the requirements laid out in the Directive and the associated TSA Information Supplement. CTG managed the projects identified in the CIP including the coordination of multiple vendors, internal resources, and the timeline to meet the compliance requirements.
  • U.S. Electric Utility Provider: CTG implemented cybersecurity solutions for the client by planning and installing tools on their power network to initiate scanning and management of OT infrastructure in their main plant. CTG refined the configurations of the tools and expanded the use of them at all the client’s power plants.

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