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In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the cloud has emerged as a game-changing solution, empowering businesses of all sizes to achieve unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.

CTG’s Cloud Architecture and Migration Services provide a comprehensive and strategic approach to implementing, testing, and migrating your applications and associated data to the cloud. We work with clients to design, plan, and implement cloud environments that align with their business goals and operational needs.

Migrating to the cloud doesn't have to be complicated.

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CTG’s Cloud Architecture and Migration Services help you navigate many common cloud challenges:

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    Need for Speed

    Rapid deployment to launch new services 

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    Lack of Expertise

    Absence of necessary in-house skills

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    Security Concerns

    Staying ahead of potential security threats and vulnerabilities 

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    Digital Transformation

    Reliable, smooth transition from traditional, performance-hindering legacy systems

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    Drive for Innovation

    Keeping up with advanced technological capabilities and cutting-edge technologies (i.e., AI, ML, IoT) 

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    Business Agility

    Scalability to respond to volatile market conditions and demand

The CTG Approach
  • Testing Assess


    • Evaluate application portfolio for cloud candidates
    • Develop high-level migration plan, including migration disposition for each application (lift/shift, refactor, rehost, rewrite, etc.)
    • Build business case for migrating to the cloud by estimating TCO and ROI
  • Design


    • Develop implementation plan allowing for agile approach to support speed-to-market
    • Design enterprise application(s) architecture, infrastructure architecture, and testing methodology/process
    • Pilot migrations
  • Cloud Migration


    • Develop cloud infrastructure and pipeline automation
    • Develop and review testing plan
    • Implement test tool, testing automation, and migration waves
  • Operate Optimize


    • Develop and modernize application(s)
    • Execute test plan
    • Resolve application defects
    • Implement infrastructure revisions
    • Provide service desk support (Tier 1)

Let us help you build a cloud environment that's right for your business.

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Why CTG?
  • Partnership Consulting

    Trusted Partner

    More than 55 years’ experience in IT; strong cloud architecture, development, migration, and operations knowledge

  • Support Goal Expert

    Innovation Experts

    Experience and strong partnerships with leading cloud providers (Microsoft, AWS), and armed with the knowledge to help you make informed decisions about your cloud migration

  • Global Delivery Network

    Global Delivery Centers

    24x7 support and delivery capabilities; fluent in seven languages and serving clients in over 45 countries

  • Patients People Staff

    Robust Solution Architect Practice

    Dedicated team with unmatched expertise and innovation, specializing in cloud solutions, data governance, AI and RPA, modern workplace, etc. 

  • Experience/Industry Expertise (correct file)

    Cloud Solutions Experience

    250+ clients deploying 1,000+ cloud solutions projects; extensive experience with re-factoring, modernizing, testing, and optimizing cloud workloads ranging from 350 servers in multiple data centers to 20 servers in one data center

  • Efficiency

    Solution Add-Ons

    Testing, Data and Analytics, Automation, Training, DT Programs

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