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You need a partner to help your organization innovate and adapt to the challenges that lie ahead. Revenue is increasingly tied to value-based care and patient expectations are constantly rising, which means the need to optimize your EHR, improve health outcomes, and boost patient satisfaction is stronger than ever.

But that’s often easier said than done. Attracting and retaining skilled EHR staff is a constant battle, especially when you’re struggling to keep up with an ever-evolving project list. Your goals can seem out of reach.

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It's difficult to balance strategic imperatives with the daily demands placed on your team. You welcome the challenges of digital transformation, but when routine tasks—like reporting and basic user support—consume your team’s bandwidth, achieving your goals can seem impossible.

The endless chore of hiring and holding on to skilled resources only complicates the situation. Newly certified analysts leave to take higher-paying roles elsewhere, and the ones who remain become burned out from massive workloads filled with repetitive tasks.

Meanwhile, you’re under constant pressure to do more, but you can only stretch your staff and budget so far. Outsourcing is an option, but it can be tough to find what you’re looking for.

CTG's EHR Consulting Services Enabled a Smooth Go-Live for VCU Health System With Training and At-the-Elbow Assistance for 16,000+ End Users

"CTG was an important partner during our Epic go-live," says Sharon Gibbs, Senior Director of EHR Operations at VCU Health. "CTG was able to pivot quickly to address changing training, readiness, and go-live needs.”

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It can help to think of your priorities in terms of the applicable risk and corresponding rewards. Your team is increasingly consumed by low-risk tasks, like creating reports and addressing end-user requests. While important, these require a great deal of time and detract from your broader goals.

On the other hand, innovation and strategic initiatives are more challenging, but they offer the chance to make a more significant contribution. These are the projects where your resources are best put to use—and where they can increase job satisfaction. You need a partner to help manage the lower-value tasks while also providing support for the higher-value projects that contribute to organizational goals.

Ease the burden with an all-in-one ehr consulting services partner

CTG’s EHR Stewardship Solutions support the full spectrum of your EHR needs. We help reduce the workload for system support, assist with projects that require specific skills or certified consultants, and offer guidance for the strategic endeavors that create lasting impacts.

Our solutions are designed to help you overcome staffing and budget constraints that limit your organization's ability to quickly address strategic initiatives. We are vendor agnostic and can support all major platforms, including Epic and Cerner. Our services can help you:

  • 3 People

    Redirect internal resources to higher-value projects

  • Application Management/Support (Tiers 2/3)

    Manage application portfolios, including legacy systems

  • Health

    Improve health outcomes and maximize reimbursements

  • Social Media

    Increase patient engagement and satisfaction

  • Desktop Support/IT Support

    Provide end users with the highest-quality IT support

  • Test Automation - Automation

    Perform comprehensive and automated testing for workflows and upgrades

  • Analytics

    Improve data governance and analytics/reporting capabilities

  • Cloud Migration

    Digitize data and move storage to the cloud

  • Support Goal Expert

    Access expert support for M&A and Community Connect

If your current approach isn’t working, CTG can help. Reach out to learn more.

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Ehr consulting services

Through our EHR Stewardship Solutions, CTG's highly trained experts allow your team members to stay engaged with their work and focus on more impactful projects. We bring the practical strategies for navigating turnover and management, staffing new initiatives, and keeping pace with increased Epic support needs.

  • Implementation Business Platform Implementation

    EHR Implementation and Modernization

    Enhance your technology. Accelerate your digital transformation with the right support that prepares your organization for future challenges.

  • Help Service Desk Tier 1 call center female

    Application Management and Service Desk

    Optimize your stack. Get the most from your application portfolio and legacy systems while helping users resolve issues quickly.

  • Manage change. Leverage technical and training experts to plan, manage, and execute a successful system change that results in adoption. 

  • Population Health

    Value-Based Care and Population Health

    Improve care. Reexamine how your organization approaches patient care and discover opportunities to maximize reimbursements. 

  • Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

    Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

    Empower patients. Give patients the high-quality tools and support they need to play an active role in their own care.

  • Business Solutions

    Essential Business Solutions

    Enable growth. Get the support you need to execute strategic imperatives that leverage your EHR for organizational growth.

  • Testing Solutions

    Testing and Automation Solutions

    Implement confidently. With comprehensive, automated testing, ensure your builds achieve their intended purposes while providing an enhanced user experience.

  • Data and Analytics

    Data and Analytics

    Put your data to work. With improved governance, analytics, and reporting, make data-driven business decisions that drive your strategy forward.

Why CTG?

As a leading EHR consulting firm, we offer the capabilities and breadth of experience you need to tackle your biggest EHR challenges, regardless of your organization’s platform. And we do it with a hands-on approach and boutique-level service. With more than 35 years in the healthcare industry and extensive EHR consulting experience, we fully understand what it takes to provide dependable solutions to healthcare organizations that create foundational stability for growth.

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