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The number of patient portal users is skyrocketing, and it can be hard to manage the increase while keeping patients satisfied and providers engaged. 


COVID-19 has drastically changed the way patients interact with providers, as well as their data. At some hospitals and clinics, the number of portal users has nearly doubled. Even before the pandemic hit, HHS announced a new rule that provides patients with more control of and access to their health data. 

Patient portals and telehealth have quickly become critical modes of delivering information and care, and many providers are now are dealing with the consequences of hastily launched solutions. IT teams are overwhelmed and struggle to support the technical needs of this growing user community.

CTG helps you make the most of the work your organization is already doing by building upon current patient portal and telehealth offerings. From build and optimization, to provider adoption, to telehealth integration and patient portal support via service desk, our end-to-end solutions help you keep up with the business and IT demands of an ever-growing community of patient portal users. 

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    WHY CTG?

    • Contactless models of care are the new normal—we help define your strategy as we move into a digital world

    • Supporting patients requires a certain touch, and our customer service experts have it

    • Experts in leading EHR systems as well as homegrown

    • Ability to staff certified team members

    • 290+ support engagements since 2012

    • More than 35 years' experience in the healthcare industry
CTG Ensures the Best Digital Experience For Your Patients and staff

Supporting patients' technical needs is very different from providing internal technical support, requiring special skills that not all IT teams have on staff. Today, CTG provides this white-glove patient portal support to users as a trusted partner to healthcare providers nationwide. As a single point of contact, our agents seamlessly integrate into your organization and provide exceptional customer service with adherence to aggressive SLAs and ITIL methodology.

Increased portal use and the rapid transition to telehealth is also presenting a host of new challenges to physicians. Interacting with patients virtually instead of in person requires a new set of skills that they must learn to be successful in this unique setting. CTG helps build physician confidence, reduce anxiety, and promote adoption through training and support. Our experts examine your current build and workflows and identify areas for improvement to ensure your portal is fully optimized and efficient for staff. CTG can help you achieve the following:

  • Vision Journey End To End Roadmap (1)
    Build a Digital Strategy to Support Patients and Staff
  • Patients People Staff
    Enhance patients' experiences, engagement, and autonomy
  • Help Service Desk Tier 1 call center male
    Provide patients with fast, effective technical support
  • Provider Female
    Train providers on technology and skills for telehealth
  • Computer/Webinar
    Teach patients to use the portal more efficiently
  • Provider
    Improve Provider Adoption with Optimized Workflows
  • Idea
    Allow IT staff to focus on strategic projects
  • Communication 3
    Prevent escalation with robust first-call resolution
  • Analytics
    Foster ongoing improvement with analytics on call volume/trends

Your patients and physicians deserve unmatched support—learn how CTG can help.

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service offerings

The patient portal is the front porch to your digital front door—CTG can help you present the best possible experience to patients while accelerating the value and ROI of your portal.

  • Analytics

    Build and Optimization

    • Provider Adoption
    • Patient Adoption and Access
    • Reporting and Analytics
    • Portal Migrations
    • Workflow Optimization
  • Provider Male

    Provider Adoption

    • Practice Assessment
    • Provider Education
    • Workflow Assessment and Optimization
  • Health Heart

    Population Health

    • Social Determinants of Health
    • Patient Access
    • Patient Adoption and Access
    • Self-Management Tools
    • Patient Education
    • Meaningful Use
  • Telehealth Female

    Telemedicine Integration

    • Scheduling Setup
    • Pre-Visit Calls
    • Billing Optimization
    • Virtual Care
  • Performance Speed

    Automated Testing

    • New Build
    • System Upgrades
  • Review Assess Checklist

    24x7 Service Desk

    • Patient Adoption/Registration
    • Portal Navigation/Functionality Education
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Technical Support
    • Accessing Lab Results
    • Inbasket Message Processing
    • Telehealth Device Support

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