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Explore how CTG makes technology work for you and delivers real business value.

Latest News

Tips for Onboarding Successful Employees

Erin Delisanti, SPHR, HR/Benefits Advisor, Human Resources recently wrote the blog, "Tips for Onboarding Successful Employees" for TrainingIndustry.com. The blog discussed the importance of setting the right tone for an employee's experience with...

August 12, 2016


Faces of CTG: Arthur “Bud” Crumlish

Our latest “Face of CTG” is none other than Arthur “Bud” Crumlish, who was recently named as our new President and CEO. If you ask anyone who has worked with Bud throughout his years at CTG, they will tell you that he truly embodies reliability. And...

August 16, 2016


CluePoints Relies on CTG to Integrate Re...

Our Client 

CluePoints is a software and service provider of intelligent statistical risk-based monitoring solutions used in clinical trials by biopharmaceutical and clinical research organizations to ensure the quality...

January 22, 2016

CTG at Work

Jelle V.

I’m kind of an “early riser;” not that I don’t like to sleep late, but my mornings are always my most productive time of the day. So for me, a typical working day starts early. The alarm is usually set at 6.15 AM. Getting dressed, getting ready for...

June 17, 2016


Investor News

February 10, 2016


Industry Recognition and Awards

For the past 50 years, CTG has not only been the most reliable IT services provider, but also an award-winning company as recognized by our clients, team members, and industry organizations and publications.

January 18, 2016


CTG has many challenging and rewarding career opportunities.