ServiceNow provides a cloud-based platform and products to deliver digital experiences that help people do their best work.  

As a ServiceNow partner, CTG delivers collaborative ServiceNow consulting services that enable organizations to navigate the complexities involved in implementing, configuring, managing, and optimizing the ServiceNow platform for maximum value realization. CTG supports the following ServiceNow solutions: IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), IT Asset Management (ITAM), IT Business Management (ITBM), HR Service Delivery, Security Operations (SecOps), DevOps, and Customer Service Management (CSM).

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ServiceNow Partner FAQs
  • What is a ServiceNow Partner?

    ServiceNow is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed to help companies automate and modernize their business processes on a single cloud platform. 

    ServiceNow partners are trusted advisors in optimizing the implementation and utilization of the power of the ServiceNow platform and applications. They bring deep expertise and experience implementing the ServiceNow platform, while helping to ensure businesses optimize implementations to maximize upgradeability of the platform. This allows users to both take advantage of new capabilities and minimize the total cost of ownership.

    ServiceNow partners typically have extensive training and certifications in ServiceNow offerings, including early access visibility into upcoming release plans. Partners are verified by ServiceNow and are listed on their website, along with information regarding their product line certifications.

  • What do ServiceNow Partners do?

    ServiceNow implementation often comes with unexpected hurdles. ServiceNow partners help businesses overcome those hurdles, while helping minimize risk during implementation. While different partners have different skill sets, each partner has been vetted by ServiceNow and has acquired various certifications which represent their competency within the ServiceNow platform.

  • How do ServiceNow Partners support implementation?

    As trusted advisors, ServiceNow partners support implementation by providing:

    • Domain expertise
    • Vertical expertise to ensure the implementation addresses vertical-specific considerations of the solution
    • Ability to drive a large agile project from requirements through user acceptance testing and hypercare
    • Strong guidance on solution approach and platform governance
    • Insight into future upgradability, while minimizing total cost of ownership

    ServiceNow partners work to ensure ServiceNow solutions are properly implemented for long-term success, and can help enterprises manage their time and resources, while ensuring they realize their return on investment. There are countless specializations for ServiceNow partners, from deployment to management, but each is ultimately focused on helping businesses best use the software to improve their processes.

  • How do businesses choose a ServiceNow partner?

    Choosing a ServiceNow partner can depend on a number of factors, including the industry, target verticals, and unique needs. ServiceNow partners can be found on the ServiceNow website, as well as the certifications earned by that partner and their industries.


    Consider the following questions:

    • Do they have expertise in your vertical domain?
    • How big are they relative to your business with them?
    • Are they big enough to underwrite the risk of your implementation? That is, does your partner have sufficient resources to address any issues that might arise?
    • Do they have expertise in implementing the applications you want to implement?
    • Are they willing to work with you to resolve any unique challenges you have, or those that may arise?
  • Can ServiceNow be used as a CRM?

    Yes, ServiceNow can be used as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM). ServiceNow has many CRM features which go beyond the standard CRM, including task-based routing and predictive analytics. ServiceNow CRM can also supplement some Customer Service Management (CSM) tools. ServiceNow CRM solutions simplify customer data, allowing businesses to track and record customer interactions resulting in more leads and opportunities.

    While ServiceNow can be used as a pre-sales CRM to manage the sales cycle from open through close, its greatest strength starts from the creation of the order, fulfilling the order, and providing ongoing service and support to customers.This is made possible through ServiceNow CSM.

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