Corporate and Social Responsibility

CTG's principles in terms of labor laws, human rights, workplace safety, business ethics, and the environment are demonstrated by the practices described in our:

Quality Policy


Ethical, Social, and Business Practices

CTG is committed to the highest standards in our labor and business practices, and in the health and safety of our employees.

Labor Practices: CTG currently has business operations in North America and Europe. These regions have strict labor laws regarding human rights. CTG has numerous internal administrative policies intended to ensure our compliance with these laws. Furthermore, we will not knowingly transact business with vendors or clients who violate these basic human rights.

The management of contract labor is one of our core competencies. As such, we are highly focused on adhering to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), local labor laws, and prevailing wage rates. We cross-reference all client job titles to CTG job titles to ensure they meet the FLSA’s stipulations for proper pay and conduct, we conduct weekly new employee audits to ensure compliance, and continually survey the labor market to stay current.

We have a zero tolerance policy for workplace harassment, an open policy of communication including whistleblower and issue resolution policies, and a spotless U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) record.

Health and Safety: The vast majority of CTG employees work off-site at client locations. CTG owns office space for its corporate staff and leases office space for its branch locations, none of which are subject to industrial hazards and all adhere to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) office standards. We will not knowingly transact business with companies that do not enforce appropriate safety and health standards in their work environments.

Business Ethics: As a baseline for business ethics, all CTG employees are required to follow our employee code of conduct as articulated in our Employee Handbook. We safeguard both CTG's and our clients' intellectual property (through the use of employment agreements) and the confidential information of our employees and clients (through employment agreements, password protection, and limited access). Throughout our more than 50-year history, CTG management has committed to verifiable business integrity and is committed to compliance with all corporate accountability legislation. Further, CTG participates in reoccurring ISO 9001 certification quality audits in Europe, as well as traditional auditing processes throughout the company.

To report ethics concerns, employees may contact CTG’s Whistleblower Hotline Service, EthicsPoint. Employees who call the hotline, or make an entry on the web-intake site have the choice to remain anonymous and any information provided will be confidential. Agents are available to take calls 24 hours a day. Visit the web-intake site,, or call our U.S. telephone number +1 844 627 6885. International telephone numbers are accessible via the web-intake site as well. 

Environmental Practices

CTG has a formal plan to centrally manage our environmental initiatives and polices, and a living document guides the continued improvement of our environmental footprint. CTG's environmental strategy has three areas of focus:

1) Leveraging our greatest asset: people. As a company that provides IT services to our clients, CTG's greatest assets are our people. For this reason, much of our potential environmental impact improvements come from the efforts of each of our employees to be environmentally-conscious corporate citizens. To support this effort we:

  • Clearly state our policies, initiatives, measurements, and results
  • Continue to offer and expand training opportunities
  • Continue to support environment-focused events such as Earth Day programs
  • Continually raise awareness of environmentally-sound practices within our company through policy manuals, in-house publications, and our websites

2) Being wise consumers. CTG is committed to purchasing from vendors that share our concern for the environment and to purchasing products that are, wherever possible, environmentally friendly. We seek out property management companies for our leased spaces that offer environmentally-friendly space and provide services, such as recycling programs, that support our environmental goals.


CTG's corporate headquarters are located in a historic district of Buffalo.

3) Being good stewards. CTG owns two buildings in Buffalo, NY, both located in a historical district, at 700 and 800 Delaware Avenue. In 2017, CTG consolidated all corporate staff into the 800 Delaware building to reduce energy use, HVAC, gas and electric, and gas emissions from employees traveling between the two locations.

Both of these buildings present challenging property management issues, however, CTG has been able to make significant improvements to reduce their energy footprint over our years of ownership. There are currently no environment regulatory actions pending against CTG.