A Time for Giving Thanks

Gratitude could easily be another CTG Core Value! As the holidays inch closer, we asked CTGers what they are thankful for in their work life—read on to find out how employees responded. Thank you to all who answered the call! 

"I am thankful for the wonderful and dedicated colleagues I have worked with more than 27 years."  Camille R., GMSR Administrator, Information Services

"I love the collaboration that takes place between everyone. In my opinion, that’s what sets CTG apart from other companies." — Denise P., Recruiting Manager, SSS Northeast

"I am thankful for the strong, smart, and caring people that I work with. It’s a rare find and I am thankful to call CTG my work home!" — April M., Technical Recruiter, SSS

"I am thankful for my team. They are always there for me for whatever I need." — Michele R., Staff Support Manager, SSS

"I am thankful that I work with an incredible team that is very supportive and fun to work with!" — Meg C., Sr. Account Manager, SSS

"I’m thankful that I love the work I do, and that I get to do it with really great people! CTG is truly a great place to work."  Ann C., Sr. Client Support Manager, Health Solutions

"I am thankful for the team I get to work with every day at CTG!" — Shari W., Recruiting Team Lead, SSS

"In my everyday, never-a-dull-moment work life at CTG, I am most thankful for my position, my director, and the team that I currently manage." — Dianne H., Client Support Manager, Application Management Solutions, Health Solutions

"I am thankful for the dedication of the HR team members—who are covering for me when I’m out on disability!" — Liz S., Vice President, Human Resources

"I am thankful for all of my CTG coworkers (family) here in Boulder. Margie, Jerome, Irma, Liz, Kiya, Amy, and Dawn always have something uplifting to say to brighten my day." —  Emily W., Staff Support Manager, SSS

"I am thankful to work with and for really great people and that, for the most part, we’re all in this together and always support one another." — Eric D., Director, Operations, SSS

"I am thankful to be working with interesting clients." — Vickey T., Sr. Executive Recruiter, Permanent Placement

"I am most thankful for my amazing coworkers, from my supportive manager, Denise, to our team-focused and hardworking Recruiters and Recruiting Coordinator. They make it easy to come to work each day." — Jessica C., Recruiting Team Lead, SSS Northeast

"I’m thankful for my first year with CTG, the experience to work for an amazing company, and for my manager (Jeff G.) for giving me this opportunity! I am beyond thankful!"  Paula H., Sales Operations Associate

"Every day I feel so thankful for my fellow CTG colleagues. It is a rare and special thing when your coworkers really are your friends as well. I love getting to support them both professionally and personally through all seasons of life." — Stephanie D., Recruiting Manager, SE West Coast Recruiting, SSS

"I love to tackle challenges and dig into details, so I am thankful that my job presents opportunities for creative thinking and problem solving. Moreover, I’m extra thankful to be working with such a fantastic team!" — Sarah C., Staff Support Manager, SSS

"I am thankful that I work amongst team members who care about what they do, day in and day out. I love working with my CTG colleagues—they are the best!" Kate O., Recruiting Manager, Central Region Recruiting, SSS

"I am thankful for my coworkers who are always willing to jump in and help when I am busy. We definitely work as a team in Onboarding!" — Lori M., HR Administrator/ Onboarding Specialist

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