Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. Amazon Connect by AWS, recently recognized as a Leader in the 2023 Forrester Wave for Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center that helps organizations provide superior customer service at a lower cost. 

CTG is an AWS Select Tier Services Partner with an AWS Service Delivery designation for Amazon Connect. This further validates our deep technical knowledge, experience, and proven success in delivering specific Amazon Connect services to clients.

An Omnichannel Contact Center Designed To Improve Client Support


Amazon Connect is a cloud-based tool that helps businesses deploy high-quality contact centers quickly and efficiently. As a high redundancy solution, it is both scalable and flexible to fit your business needs. It easily integrates with third-party tools, such as your CRM and workforce optimization technologies. Additionally, Amazon Connect does not charge software licensing fees, agent fees, or monthly minimums, so you only pay when you use it!

Keep costs low and streamline your operations. Allow CTG's experts to provide your company with an assessment for an Amazon Connect phone system integration today.


Cost Savings and Business Benefits

  • Help Service Desk Tier 1 call center male

    Reduces call volume by up to 24%¹

  • Decline

    Shortens average hold time by up to 15%¹

  • E Learning

    Decreases training time by one week¹

  • Computer/Webinar

    Lessens system admin effort by up to 60%¹

  • Vision 2

    Lowers supervisor effort by up to 20%¹

  • Decrease Cost

    Cuts license and usage costs by 31%¹


1Source: Forrester, “The Total Economic Impact of Amazon Connect,” June 2020

Ready to Modernize Your Service Desk?

With CTG and Amazon Connect, you can streamline healthcare communication, empowering agents and enhancing patient experiences through AI-powered efficiency. Access our e-book to learn more.

Our Methodology

CTG's multi-stage approach to engaging with Amazon Connect includes the following steps:


Understand your current operations, analyze your requirements and gaps, and gather your wish list items for your current service desk operations.


Create a solution that will leverage the modern features and functions of Amazon Connect to resolve your current issues. The plan will include estimates that compare your legacy telecom costs to Amazon's future ongoing costs.


Implement the designs that were agreed upon in the previous phase of the project. Comprehensive testing will be part of the deployment plan, so you are confident that the new system will perform as expected.


Keep your system moving forward with multiple support plan options. We can manage your solution from start to finish, or until you feel confident in your team's ability to manage your new Amazon Connect phone system.

What is the difference between multi- and omni-channel support?

Multi-channel support allows clients to choose the methods of communication that work best for them to reach the end-user, such as email, voice, chat, etc. While multiple channels are available, they are not integrated often leading to miscommunications between channels and frustrated end-users.

Omni-channel support provides an integrated experience allowing clients to jump between channels (e.g., email to voice to text), which seamlessly continues their journey with end-users in the same interaction and offers one-on-one personalized communication.

Features of Amazon Connect

  • Mobile Communication Female

    Telephony and High-Quality Voice Capability

    Amazon Connect offers more than 200 outbound calling destinations, and can scale up and down with your business needs. Also, with Amazon Connect, call quality is both clear and consistent, not only because audio is delivered in 16kHz, but because calls are made over the internet using Amazon Connect’s softphone technology. End users are connected to their destination using Agent Side WebRTC Voice Path with communications encrypted using TLS.

  • Online Chat Chatbot

    Web and Mobile Chat + Chatbot

    Amazon Lex is Amazon’s premier chatbot, and malleable to your needs. No coding is required to integrate Lex, and it understands language at a high level. Once Lex has connected the end user to the proper agent, Amazon Connect offers Apple Business Chat, a familiar communication format.

  • People Network

    Omni-Channel Outbound Campaigns

    With Amazon Connect outbound campaigns you can proactively communicate across voice, SMS, and email to quickly serve end users and improve agent productivity, while supporting compliance with local regulations.

  • Login

    Call Recording and Summarization

    Managers can monitor live conversations, easily search for, review, and download recordings of past agent conversations. You can define your own retention policies for your recordings.

  • Planning

    Self Service and Flow Builder

    A flow defines how an end user experiences your contact center from start to finish. At the most basic level, flows enable you to customize your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. To customize your contact center, the flow designer is used, which is a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to modify your contact center without any coding.

  • Visual

    Real-Time Speech and Sentiment Analysis

    Contact Lens for Amazon Connect enables you to analyze conversations between end users and agents, by using speech transcription, natural language processing, and intelligent search capabilities. It performs sentiment analysis, detects issues, and enables you to automatically categorize contacts.


Midwest Healthcare System 

  • Problem: The client did not have a formal process for managing patient portal support.
  • Solution: Using Amazon Connect, CTG presented an optimized management solution that quickly and easily routed calls to agents specifically trained to handle MyChart patient portal concerns.
  • Results: Patients have one, easily accessible number to call for any portal issues; a chat feature and performance reporting capabilities were also implemented.

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