CTG Reveals Solution That Addresses Need to “Reengineer” EHRs for Value-Based Care

Leaders Say Traditional “Optimization” Is No Longer Enough

BUFFALO, N.Y., January 31, 2019 – CTG, an information technology (IT) solutions and services company that has served the healthcare industry for more than 30 years, announced today a major upgrade to its Electronic Health Record (EHR) Optimization solution, which includes new services to leverage EHRs for success in a rapidly evolving outcomes-based environment.

“Whether you believe healthcare is undergoing a revolution or a steady evolution from a fee-for-service model to one that measures success by value and care outcomes, one thing is certain: a fundamental shift is underway that requires the industry to embrace new, more effective technologies and ways of working,” said Rob Barras, CTG’s Vice President of Health Solutions.

“Based on recent client engagements, conversations, and focus groups on the topic, CTG has redesigned our solution portfolio to address what our clients need to move the needle toward value-based care (VBC). This foundational solution addresses what the market has long called optimization. While technical workflows, patches, and upgrades are all still important, what is increasingly critical is the need to “reengineer” the EHR so that it enables VBC,” continued Barras.

Today’s EHRs were built to automate a fee-for-service healthcare environment; not today’s VBC reality. As currently configured, EHRs can be cumbersome and struggle to support increasingly complex VBC requirements, such as VBC contracting and social determinants of health tracking and management. As a result, healthcare providers are experiencing challenges that EHRs were, in many cases, designed to correct—reduced provider efficiency and satisfaction, diminished patient experience, billing delays, reporting difficulties, and more.

“CTG’s redesigned optimization services involve stripping back elements of the EHR that support a fee-for-service world and integrating those that support VBC. Based on an assessment of the client’s care environment, we create a roadmap that addresses an organization’s areas of frustration. We identify workflows that can be streamlined and new features and functionality from vendors that enhance an organization’s VBC initiatives, and alleviate some of the burden with which providers are dealing,” said CTG’s Dana Bensinger MSN, RN-BC, Client Solution Executive.

Vendor upgrades, which can often be hard to navigate, are built into the roadmap, ensuring that CTG’s clients have an actionable plan to get current and stay current with releases. CTG has the people and experience to collaborate with clients to define their strategy and guide them through implementation and optimization as a trusted partner.

“EHR Optimization is part of a larger need to develop a digital health strategy around VBC that identifies where you are and defines where you need to go and what tools you need to get there—in a way that is specific to each organization and their patient population. By reengineering the EHR and workflows to support VBC, organizations will have a solid foundation for their strategy,” Bensinger continued.

CTG’s solutions extend beyond the critical foundation of EHR optimization and include a portfolio of services that help provider, payer, and life sciences clients address challenges as they transition to VBC, including the growing need for improved data and analytics, deployed and optimized EHRs, and the need for cost-effective IT support operations.

At HIMSS19, CTG will offer a lineup of presentations that explore the pivotal issues shaping the industry’s move to value-based care in booth #4491 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday, February 12 and Wednesday, February 13. Presentations will include:

  • Application Management and the Pivot to Value-Based Care: A discussion on how best practices and innovative technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, are helping clients decrease application support costs, increase ROI, and achieve competitive advantage while transitioning to VBC.
  • Evaluating Contract Measures for Maximum Reimbursements: Learn the critical steps to maximizing outcomes from your value-based contract requirements. VBC experts will discuss how to identify, inventory, and prioritize clinical requirements within VBC contracts and improve outcomes.
  • Establishing an Information Ecosystem to Support Value-Based Care: Attendees will learn the key requirements for developing a healthy enterprise information management (EIM) ecosystem, from analytics frameworks, business processes, and governance structures, to the rapid consumption of data from multiple, highly complex data sources, and more.
  • Panel Discussion: Optimizing Performance for Value-Based Care: A moderated panel of clinical, VBC, and EIM experts will discuss data visualization and change management, drawing on best practices from healthcare and other regulated, data-driven industries. Topics will include how to ensure that you have properly evaluated contract measures, how to determine if you have established an information ecosystem that provides trusted data, and much, much more.
  • M&A Playbook: IT Integration and Analysis: As the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) trend continues, providers are looking to create economies of scale and strategic, operational, and financial value. Understanding the cost, data integration, and data governance challenges, and other risks, is essential to achieving benefits. Join us for a discussion about assessment and planning models that can support CIOs and their teams as the maneuver the M&A landscape.

Once again this year, CTG Belgium will sponsor a delegation of colleagues from Belgium healthcare organizations at HIMSS19, allowing them to learn about global healthcare trends, challenges, and solutions first hand. Jeanette Ball, BSN RN, PCMH CCE, CTG Client Solutions Executive, will present, “One Hospital’s Journey from a Fee-For-Service Culture to a Value-Based Care Model” to the delegation while onsite. Ball will provide a uniquely American look at the forces driving U.S. healthcare, giving our European colleagues a head start in preparing for similar drivers that may soon appear in the Belgium market.
“Our goal is to share valuable information with HIMSS19 attendees that they can utilize to address their own organization’s challenges. This is a transformative time for the healthcare industry, and events like HIMSS present an invaluable opportunity to learn from each other,” added Barras.

For a schedule of presentations and more information about CTG’s activities at HIMSS19, please visit our website.

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