Jelle V.

Jelle V.
Company title: 
Implementation Specialist
Years at CTG: 
Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
Current City: 
Steendorp (Temse), Belgium
Favorite Thing to Do Outside of Work: 
Spending time with my two kids, playing guitar, watching soccer, and playing World of Warcraft

I’m kind of an “early riser;” not that I don’t like to sleep late, but my mornings are always my most productive time of the day. So for me, a typical working day starts early. The alarm is usually set at 6.15 AM. Getting dressed, getting ready for the day (I usually get my stuff together the evening before) and leave. I usually eat (and drink) in my car. All attempts to avoid the traffic jams.

When I get to the office, it’s still quiet, except for a couple of early birds. At my present client they have “open offices,” which implies that it can become quite hectic, so this is the perfect time to read my emails, go through my administration, and prepare some documentation. Most of my colleagues arrive between 8:30 and 9 a.m., so it’s an ideal moment to get a cup of coffee and talk about the most important things in life.

The first meeting of the day is usually planned around 10 AM. Today, we sit together with our project manager to go through the state of affairs, discussing the status of tasks and open issues. Some things have come up that might have an impact on the production systems. This definitely requires our immediate attention! Together with a CTG colleague, I go see the Database Administrators (DBAs). Our application resulted in a high CPU usage on some of the most important database systems. So, we had a closer look, and soon found that the configuration of the parameter was not correct and resulted in a heavy query. A quick search through the documentation and a meeting with the DBA soon fixed the problem.

In the meantime, it’s time for lunch. Most of the time we eat in the cafeteria, or sometimes we go out. I don’t like to eat at my desk; I think you need a break in order to get focused again afterwards.

Then it’s time to finish some tasks of our “team to-do list” that were assigned to me. Today there are a couple of other things on the program. A couple of patches need to be installed for our agents. That is not so hard, it involves production systems – the tests that we did last week in the acceptance environment were successful, so we definitely need to keep our attention and precision. Another item on my list is to remove a bug that was found in the generation of a number of reports. I had already sent a bug report to the supplier and this morning I had already come across an email that said that the status of my ticket had moved to “solution proposed.” Let’s check whether this is really true! The problem appears to be known and will be solved in the next version of the software. Luckily, a workaround had been foreseen to solve the present problem. Only half an hour later, the reports roll from the report engine like never before. I think I deserve another coffee!

When enjoying a rather lousy coffee, a colleague drops by and asks whether I have time to have a look at something. The issue he is presenting is more complex than we first thought. We plan a meeting for the week after, and include a system manager from the Linux team as well. I manage to find my way in Redhat, but for the “deep and dirty” details I prefer to bring in a specialist.

So my work day is almost done! Before I leave, my team leader asks me whether the presentation that I have to give tomorrow, is okay and if I still need info for that. I tell him the only thing I still have to do is iron my shirt and then I check the traffic situation. And so I finish my working day, in time to go and pick up my kids.

I have been working at CTG for five years now, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I like the great atmosphere and collegiality. I appreciate the different career choices we can make at CTG and the way the company, and especially our Competence Developers in Belgium, support us every step of the way. It truly is a great place to work.