CTG Provides "Outstanding Service and Quality" and "Comprehensive Solutions" at Emerus Holdings, Inc.

"CTG’s consultants provided outstanding service and quality from initial engagement to project completion. What Emerus valued most from CTG is the depth of clinical knowledge of the emergency medicine environment, the latest CMS regulations regarding the Two midnight rule/observation/inpatient admissions, a direct experience with Interqual, and the attention to analytics and detail. CTG crafted a very thorough and thoughtful analysis which allowed us to implement a solution that was effectively deployed to our nursing and physician staff. Presentations were made to several levels of executive management which recognized CTG's immense amount of preparation and incredible planning to ensure the success of the project... Although the majority of our engagements with CTG involve Epic, this Interqual project in particular is a reminder that for all things healthcare and technology, CTG is a comprehensive solutions provider that has my full trust to do an exceptional job, turnkey, in more than exceeding my expectations. The environment of healthcare regulations and technology is ever changing and we are grateful to have the resources of CTG in helping us navigate, create value, and deliver innovation whenever possible. Thank you to CTG for being an invaluable resource to Emerus and we look forward to the continued collaboration between our two organizations."  ~ Trang Dawson, MBA, Former Chief Information Officer, Emerus Holdings, Inc.