Information Management

CTG’s Information Management offerings help clients to manage and derive greater value and competitive advantage from data.


CTG recognizes that technical design follows closely to designed business needs. The Information Management space is focused on delivering services that support this need. CTG’s Information Management specialists help organizations overcome significant technical and business challenges such as poor data quality, complex data architectures, stale information, and inconsistent business rules and definitions, and enable them to present data in a meaningful, useable way. We help our clients reduce technology-related implementation costs and mitigate organizational risks, empowering them to leverage data as a strategic asset.

Our offerings are based on your business objective and designed to first examine the business environment, then your related systems and data sources to identify how to best transform raw data into actionable information. We then leverage industry leading technology solutions, coupled with CTG’s best-practice-based methodologies, to resolve data management issues and provide the best possible return on investment.

Our Experience

CTG understands that industry experience is as important as enterprise information management (EIM) expertise. Our more than 500 accomplished information management professionals bring the hands-on industry experience and expertise necessary to help our clients implement solutions that meet their unique industry challenges and support their business objectives.

Our experience in delivering information management solutions spans many industries and includes in-depth expertise in some of today’s most highly-regulated markets—healthcare, diversified industrials, specifically oil and gas, and telecommunications, where the challenges of information management and the opportunities to strategically leverage data are particularly vital.

CTG offers a specialized information management solution for telecommunication service providers and law enforcement agencies, CTG's Disclosure Management System™ (DMS), that addresses their unique needs for comprehensive data retention and disclosure solutions.

CTG’s Information Management solutions help our clients use reliable information to fulfill business objectives, make informed decisions, and ultimately, achieve their strategic goals. By aligning business goals with data, our clients can drive toward efficiency and clarity in a way that supports their unique measurement of success.