Information Management

CTG’s Information Management offerings help clients to manage and derive greater value and competitive advantage from data.


  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Warehouses
  • Data Governance
  • Disclosure Management Services
  • Master Data Management
  • Legacy Data Archiving

Our Information Management specialists examine current systems and identify how to transform raw data into usable information. We then leverage our comprehensive technology solutions to resolve data management issues and provide the best possible return on investment for information management initiatives. Our offerings support client needs such as business intelligence and analytics, master data management, data warehousing, and disclosure management services.

CTG experts help organizations overcome significant technical and business challenges such as poor data quality, complex data architectures, stale information, and inconsistent business rules and definitions, which make it difficult to leverage data as a strategic asset.

We help our clients overcome these challenges, reduce technology-related implementation costs, and mitigate organizational risks, enabling them to discover a deeper understanding of root causes for identified business issues, predict future trends, and model new or improved interventions for better outcomes.

CTG’s experience in delivering information management solutions spans most industries, but we have in-depth expertise in healthcare, where the challenges of information management and the opportunities to strategically leverage data are particularly vital. Our IT and data management capabilities, paired with accomplished health IT consultants, deliver the experience and expertise necessary to help healthcare organizations implement and integrate new information management technology, business intelligence, and data analytics solutions to help improve clinical, financial, and operational outcomes.

In addition to healthcare, CTG has specialized information management solutions for telecommunication service providers and law enforcement agencies, CTG's Disclosure Management System™ (DMS), to address their unique needs for comprehensive data retention and disclosure solutions.