From One Organization to Number One!

In our more than 50 years as an organization, CTG has grown to include more than 3,300 employees that provide IT services to 74 major industries. In my opinion, the most impressive part is how we stay connected—no matter the geographic location or business unit. From Anchorage to Melbourne, from Hyderabad to Raleigh, from Buffalo to Luxembourg, from Bentonville to Brussels, we understand we can’t do our job without the help of one other.


At the leadership level, there is incredible synergy and focus that’s driving our harmonized effort to grow the business. At the corporate level at our headquarters in Buffalo, N.Y., we  even physically moved all of our administrative teams into one building, which will further solidify our ability to leverage CTG’s collective knowledge in a way that has never been possible before.


Embracing oneness is an important part of our organizational culture, and something that all businesses should constantly strive to achieve. This oneness is part of what enables us to deliver high-value solutions and services to clients.

That said, there is another core component that helps organizations transition from oneness to becoming number one in their industry. It’s their talent. At CTG, our people and the talents that they bring is our number one focus. And, keeping your people as your number one focus begins with your recruiting and hiring decisions.

Hiring Practices 

Organizations need to focus on hiring the best people and staffing their teams with “A” players. (Am I crazy? Is that even possible?) It’s all about bell curves. Statisticians tell us that populations tend to settle into that familiar bell shaped distribution—with about 10 percent at each end and the rest of the population in the middle.  

Look at your team. Does the majority reside in the middle of that bell curve? Do you find yourself spending a lot of “management hours” with those in the middle? Those employees are probably doing the minimum amount to stay employed. They are not quite horrible enough to dismiss but they aren’t setting the world on fire, either. These people are not going to help you rise to the top.

The employees in the bottom 10 percent are what I would consider bad hires. They may have fooled you during the interview process or perhaps you were desperate to fill a slot. Perhaps they’ve become disenchanted and hate the job that they once professed to love at the time of hire. Regardless, once on board, it is relatively easy to figure out when they’ve slid into the bottom section of the bell curve. You need to dismiss them and move on.

The top 10 percent are motivated, smart self-starters, and they strive to excel. They are the employees you look to for new ideas and who fill those slots in your succession plan. They need feedback and occasionally they have to be reined in! And, your biggest worry is trying to keep them engaged so they do not leave. These employees—these are the ones that you want to nurture and keep. These are the employees that we look for when hiring for CTG.

But, hey! Your team does not have to fit into that statistical bell curve shape. Remember, statisticians are describing an “average” population. Your team doesn’t have to be average.  Strive to hire that top 10 percent. Take your time; know what you want, have a good job description, and look for that spark during the interview! Having a team of the top 10 percent is worth the extra effort. That’s who we hire at CTG—and that’s why we’re number one! 


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This September 23-27, CTG is a Proud Partner of U.S. National Health IT Week.  U.S. National Health IT Week is a nationwide action week focused on supporting healthy communities across the U.S....
This September 23-27, CTG is a Proud Partner of U.S. National Health IT Week.  U.S. National Health IT Week is a nationwide action week focused on supporting healthy communities across the U.S....
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