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8 Common Project Management Mistakes — and How to...

Irfan Kapasi, Managing Director, Strategic Solutions and Services for CTG was recently featured in the article, "8 Common Project Management Mistakes — And How To Avoid Them" for Kapasi and other IT executives and certified project...

June 22, 2017


The Rising Importance of CDS

Clinical Decision Support (CDS) provides important information and knowledge to clinicians and staff to enhance patient care and the overall health of the patient. It can play an important role at the patient level and population level, drawing...

June 28, 2017


De Persgroep Publishing Relies on CTG to...

Our Client 

De Persgroep Publishing (DPP) is a fully-owned subsidiary of De Persgroep and produces newspapers, magazines, and new media, including several market leaders such as Het Laatste Nieuws, Dag...

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Jelle V.

I’m kind of an “early riser;” not that I don’t like to sleep late, but my mornings are always my most productive time of the day. So for me, a typical working day starts early. The alarm is usually set at 6.15 AM. Getting dressed, getting ready for...


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