Our client is a leading pediatric healthcare system in the Midwest—spanning multiple hospital campuses, regional health centers, and primary and specialty care locations.

“Partnering with CTG allowed our core team to focus their efforts on training staff for the new Epic Beaker system without compromising the functionality of our existing SoftLab® LIS.”

-Pediatric Health System Executive


A leading pediatric hospital faced a complex challenge during their transition from their legacy SoftLab® Laboratory Information System (LIS) to a modern Epic Beaker system—maintaining uninterrupted patient care throughout the switch. This meant keeping the old system running while simultaneously introducing the new system and training staff. This dual-system approach created a heavy workload for the IT team, so they sought CTG for help.


CTG provided ongoing support for the legacy SoftLab® LIS system, allowing the hospital's IT team to focus on staff training for the new Epic Beaker system. This tailored approach utilized the right expertise for both legacy system maintenance (including a break/fix model) and new system implementation, guaranteeing compliance and a successful migration to a modern healthcare IT system.

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