Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad

The Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad (IHB) is the largest switch carrier in the U.S., with 54 miles of mainline track, 24 miles of which is double main track, and 266 miles of additional yard and siding track. The IHB provides a wide variety of services, including industrial switching with 160 customers, generating 170,000 carloads of business annually.


In 2020, The Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad (IHB) prioritized updating IT infrastructure and critical applications to modernize and enhance capabilities to sustain the company for years to come. IHB wanted to optimize processes, and ultimately, give customers more access to systems to enhance their overall experiences. IHB realized its late 1980’s era CARS car management system needed improvement. Updating the application as quickly as possible was critical, as it was becoming difficult to maintain the 31-year-old CARS platform. Decommissioning the old legacy application and replacing it with a modern Java-based solution became IHB’s major 2020 IT focus.


The first and most critical step was a comprehensive audit of the current-state application, which revealed potential vulnerabilities, opportunities for improvement, and wider implications that updating the application would have across IHB’s business. Based on the assessment, the CTG team managed a three-phased approach to completing the new CARS 2.0 application in six months, which included onboarding, building a product roadmap, and continuous development using a Scrum Team as a Service model. Leveraging CTG's Global Delivery Center Network, we provided high quality Testing, Analysis, and Agile resources from Belgium and Java skills from Luxembourg.

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