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Our client, a world-class chemical company, is a global integrated leader in thermoplastics and fibers who serves major customers in diversified end-use markets. The company develops and manufactures a multitude of innovative products for customer needs, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester fiber, spandex filament, as well as spun yarns, fabrics, and medical gloves.


As part of its day-to-day processes, the client’s staff regularly monitored data points including temperature, flow rate, and volume. They were responsible for identifying “excursions,” values that exceeded specific “boundaries” or acceptable upper and lower ranges. The client needed to standardize its process and implement a system for identifying and maintaining “Safe Design and Safe Operating Limits” that indicated the upper and lower boundaries for the values of data points. The client needed to ensure that analysis was being properly conducted to identify the cause of each excursion and capture the actions taken to address it.


CTG developed and implemented a web-based Excursion Management (EM) tool that allowed the client to accurately capture and analyze excursions. The EM tool has become a critical part of the client’s Safe Operating Limits/Safe Design Limits program. It facilitates a process to ensure excursion points are reviewed and enable additional context and information about the excursions, such as their causes and how they are being addressed. It also provides reporting capabilities that allow the client to view Key Performance Indicators and Business Intelligence.

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