Olivia Andrews, Consultant, UK

Nominated by Lisa White, HR Director, UK

“Olivia joined CTG UK as an Apprentice Business Analyst back in 2020. From day one, Olivia has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and maturity far beyond her years. Olivia was the first apprenticeship to be offered a full-time client role. Three years on and a promotion to Team Lead, Olivia is still with the client, doing a great job of flying the CTG flag!”

Amanda LeBlanc, Vice President, Americas Marketing, U.S.

"I've been working for almost 40 years, beginning as a lifeguard in high school and passing through a multitude of roles since that time, from dog walker to waitress, tutor, office administrator, demographic analyst, grant writer, agency owner, and nearly every marketing role imaginable.

Today, when I'm asked for career advice by new marketers, my answer is simple (although admittedly not always easy!): Embrace ‘yes.’ For me, the willingness to venture into the unknown has been the cornerstone of my growth and success.

Another pivotal moment came in a pretty unexpected place—the sidelines of one of my son's sporting events—where I overheard a father's encouraging advice to his son after a challenging play: ‘You only fail when you refuse to try.’ Those words and my principle to ‘just say yes’ continue to guide me today.

So, my advice to other women growing their careers is this—be open to new opportunities. Embrace new challenges. And remember, progress comes from action, not avoidance. The only true failure is not trying."

Hema Shankar, Vice President, Client Delivery, Eleviant CTG, U.S.

Nominated by Ritwik Bose, Managing Director, Presales, Eleviant CTG, U.S.

“When asked if we ‘know a colleague who embodies resilience, leadership, or an unwavering commitment to her work,’ the one name that comes to mind is Hema Shankar, because she truly embodies all these qualities. I have known Hema for 13 years. From being a true professional to being an elder sister to our family, she has always been inspiring. Her accomplishments in managing clients at Eleviant CTG, getting amazing feedback whilst maintaining a cordial relationship with everyone, and being a doting mother and wife to her family at the same time is amazing. She always suggests the best for the organization and for me personally, which is why I feel she deserves to be recognized.”

Nele Destoop, Sales Operations Specialist, Belgium 

"I'm Nele Destoop, Sales Operations Specialist for CTG. My venture into the realm of IT commenced in 2016, and since then, I've embraced an enriching voyage of growth and discovery.

CTG has been pivotal in shaping my professional trajectory, affording me the space to cultivate my interests and skills. I've adopted an insatiable appetite for learning, consistently driven by the desire to broaden my horizons.

I want to encourage young women to embrace their voices and assert their presence in any domain they choose to navigate. Confidence coupled with an understanding of oneself and an adeptness in navigating diverse personalities equips individuals with the arsenal needed to conquer any challenge.

As a mother, I have an additional motivation to excel and lead by example. I aspire to be a role model for my daughter, showing her through my actions that she too can achieve great things with determination and resilience."

Nominated by Aurore De Poorter, Account Manager, Belgium

"I would like to nominate Nele Destoop as a true inspiration! Her boundless creativity and all her innovative ideas push me forward with enthusiasm. Her genuine passion for what she does is infectious.

I want to thank her for being the driving force behind our team, for her support, and for reminding me every day that with perseverance and a positive attitude, anything is possible.

She is not just a colleague; she is a true inspiration and a cherished member of the team. Happy International Women’s Day, Nele!"

Amanda Mahany, Delivery Manager, Energy, U.S.

Nominated by Heidi Miles, Project Manager, Energy, U.S.
“I would like to nominate Amanda Mahany, Delivery Manager for CTG, who also provides her operational expertise to the Energy Alaska office every day. When I saw the words ‘nominate a colleague who embodies resilience, leadership, and an unwavering commitment to her work,’ I immediately thought of Amanda.

I wanted to add to that description for her that she embodies these, with the bonus adjectives of ‘with grace, compassion, and emotional intelligence!’ Amanda joined the ‘working mom’s club,’ as I informally call it, in August 2023 and she inspires me daily with her patience, her ability to juggle multiple high-pressure tasks and be an amazing wife and mom. Managing the demands of a newborn while working full time is something many women of CTG can relate to. Juggling meetings at the client or CTG office and home office, raising her son, tracking all the IT and Cyber Security teams' work schedules, meeting with the client management, and helping drive internal sales with her Project Management team daily are just a few of the tasks Amanda excels at.

Amanda inspires me as she is so patient, always has a smile on her face and an open mind, and offers solutions and opportunities to problem-solve. It's never ‘we cannot,’ it's always ‘let’s figure out how to make this work, and here is one suggestion.’ She inspires me to slow down and pause and think through options thoroughly. This has helped me grow as a leader for my own project teams and stakeholders. At work, she has an open-door policy and helps us grow as a team and individually. She is just a quick phone call or chat away, even with her busy mom duties. Learning the ropes of being a new mom and managing all on little-to-no sleep with a newborn has not caused her to waver in her positive attitude and strong 'servant leader' mindset. Cheers to Amanda!”

Claire Van Der Meulen, Agilist, Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Facilitator, Consultant, and Implementation Architect, Belgium 

“Creative mind, continuously searching for new conundrums to mastermind and solve. Passionate about people, continuous learning, the outdoors, culture, food, and our Shepherd puppies. True believer of 'people matter,' and thus actively supporting wherever I can, however I can.”

Nominated by Aurore De Poorter, Account Manager, Belgium

“I have a lot of respect and great admiration for Claire! She is so passionate in everything she does. She is very people-minded with deep respect for everyone's individuality. She is always there to listen and to give advice. Claire is a very authentic person who knows how to motivate and inspire people. In short, she is someone I'm glad I met and with whom I want to continue to work.”

Céline Leclercq, Business Development Associate, Canada 

“I consider myself a passionate, self-made, and ambitious woman. I have had the opportunity to study abroad a couple of times, which I am proud of. I have constantly been inspired and continue to be inspired daily by many women. My advice for women is: never settle for less than your actual worth.”

April Williams, Marketing Program Specialist, U.S.

“Hi, I'm April! Wife, mother, sister, daughter, nutcase—whatever you want to call me.

International Women's Day means a lot more to me these days, as I see my daughter grow older and become more independent in this world. She is my inspiration every day, which is why I shared the photo here. This picture was taken at a recent awards ceremony at her school. She won the ‘Perseverance’ award last quarter. She was awarded this honor because of her ability to keep a positive attitude and stay motivated, even when she is challenged in her schoolwork. To me, this award symbolizes a key characteristic that make women so amazing. Living in a male-dominated world, all woman have to have a high degree of perseverance—whether that's in their schoolwork, professional world, or at home with their family.

International Women's Day is such a great celebration of women worldwide, noting our achievements, our beautiful differences, and our continued fight for impartiality, all powered by our remarkable level of perseverance.

Let’s go girls (in my best Shania Twain voice)!”


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