Erin Delisanti, HR Director, U.S.

Nominated by Jessica Carroll, Senior Lead, HR, U.S.

“I've worked with Erin since I joined CTG over 10 years ago. Early in my career here, I can remember loving her high energy and friendly attitude with coworkers at headquarters. She always knew everyone's names by heart, which was so impressive to me! Fast forward to today and she is my manager, mentor, and friend. She approaches problems with high emotional intelligence while maintaining professionalism, and places a lot of value on process improvement within our team.

My favorite thing about her as a leader is that she allows me to be autonomous but is always available when I need help. Outside of work, she is the kind of mom, wife, and friend I strive to be. I am thankful for so many things and people that CTG has brought into my life over the years, and my friendship with Erin definitely sits at the top.”

Reena Padala, Marketing Assistant, India

“Almost eight years ago I became involved in farming, which soon turned out to be my passion when I realized I am building a paradise. It is strictly no-pesticide farming, only organic ways of growing fruits and vegetables (home purpose). I am an expert in pest management and am gaining in-depth skills in livestock care.”

Johanna Castro, Client Partner and Sales Manager, Canada

“Constantly seeking self-improvement in all aspects of my life, my driving force remains interaction and human relationships, supporting project fulfillment, learning, and travel. Surrounding myself with inspiring women, especially in the IT sector, is essential on a daily basis! My advice to women: have confidence, step out of your comfort zone where the most beautiful experiences emerge, and adopt a positive attitude—it helps a lot!”

Severine Toussaint, HR Manager, Luxembourg

“My mother was my model. She was a strong, independent, and determined woman; she was capable of everything. Throughout her history, she showed incredible strength and perseverance, breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes. Growing up I learned that women have limitless potential and shouldn't be afraid to work hard to achieve what they want. She gave me the power to believe in myself and I am thankful for it!”

Aurore De Poorter, Account Manager, Belgium

“Hi! I am Aurore and I have worked for CTG since June 2020. A while ago I had a ski accident with a ruptured ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). So last year in September I had knee surgery with a long period of recovery ahead of me (9 to 12 months). This was difficult as I am an active person; I like to go running, skiing, and boxing and my holidays are always very active (during the winter I go to the mountains to go skiing and in the summer I go to the mountains to go hiking). Before the surgery I went to Norway for three weeks just to enjoy the beauty of this country and to do what I love most: be outside, enjoy nature, and... hike with a heavy backpack on my back. It was difficult for me because of the knee, but I did it! After the surgery I only had one goal: being active again for my two boys and husband be able to do Thai boxing again (a very big passion of mine). Boxing gives me so much energy. That feeling afterwards is so fantastic! I have a lot of respect for my boxing partner because she had to overcome a lot of problems in her life and she always stayed so positive. That really inspires me!

In the picture you see me (right) with my boxing partner wearing my brace to support my knee as it is a picture before the surgery. Unfortunately, we had to miss each other for several months. After the surgery I couldn't stand, walk, or move my leg. Basically, you start from scratch. You even learn how your brain has to communicate with your leg again. I never gave up; I worked out very consistently doing my exercises several times a day, following intensive sports physiotherapy several times a week, knowing that all of this would help me in my recovery process. I was committed and focused. Now, I'm running again and soon I will be able to go boxing! This summer I'm planning to go hiking with my two children and husband. My advice to women growing their careers: always have a goal and believe in it. Stay positive, just do it, act, grab your chance, no regrets! I always believe where there is a will there's a way.”

Nominated by Nele Destoop, Sales Operations Specialist, Belgium

“Aurore's presence in our team is marked by her unwavering authenticity and determination. She possesses the rare ability to articulate her thoughts with clarity and conviction, always aligning her actions with her words. Her commitment to transparency and honesty sets a remarkable standard for us all.

What sets Aurore apart is her relentless pursuit of excellence. She approaches challenges with a combination of strategic insight and unyielding perseverance, consistently seeking out innovative solutions to propel our team forward. Her proactive approach to problem solving not only fosters a culture of continuous improvement, but also inspires those around her to strive for greater heights.

Her ability to motivate and empower others is truly commendable, making her an indispensable asset to our team. It is with great admiration and appreciation that I nominate Aurore for this well-deserved recognition. Her impact on our team and organization is profound, and her influence extends well beyond the confines of her role."

Nominated by Claire Van Der Meulen, Agile Coach/Implementation Architect, Belgium

“Aurore is truly a rare gem: a people-oriented account manager! She has everyone's best interest at heart and manages to keep the client satisfied through honest, transparent communication.”

Poovarasi Sekar Seenivasan, Lead, Software Development, India

Nominated by Surendranath Ravi, Senior Engineer, India

"I'm delighted to nominate my colleague, Poovarasi Sekar Seenivasan, for this year's Women's Day recognition. She brings a unique perspective to our development team with her academic background in electronics and communications engineering. Though she earned her engineering degree focused on hardware, she had a longtime interest in programming. This passion for coding led her to pivot into a career in software development.

An accomplishment she is proud of is mastering four coding languages through self-directed study nights and weekends. This dedication to expanding her skills outside of work hours allowed her to transition to our company's chatbot development team five years ago. She has since earned four internal promotions from Engineer to Senior Engineer to her current role as Lead, Software Development, for her talents spearheading complex projects. Another accomplishment Poovarasi is proud of is spearheading our efforts to implement conversational AI chatbots powered by GenAI technology. Her team built a customizable chatbot now utilized by three clients to improve their customer service experiences.

Poovarasi inspires me and other women considering career changes not to doubt themselves or limit their possibilities. Though she had no formal credentials in programming at first, she gave herself the chance to discover a hidden talent that now defines her vocational impact. Her advice is to stay curious about undiscovered interests—you never know what fulfilling opportunities exist around the corner.

I'm grateful to have a colleague like Poovarasi who brings outside-the-box experience to our technology group. She deserves this recognition for showing how willingness to take a career risk can unlock one's full potential. Her story motivates all women to have the confidence to rewrite their futures."

Nigara Ushurova, Project Manager, Belgium

Nominated by Claire Van Der Meulen, Agile Coach/Implementation Architect, Belgium

“Nigara has grown tremendously in her role as project manager. She is further fine-tuning her skills as a connector, facilitator, and well-versed project manager. I value her input and am grateful I can use her as a sounding board now and then.”

Jan Cox, Project Manager, U.S.

“I have been a woman in male-dominated industries all of my career (oil and gas, telecom) and have had the opportunity to work internationally with highly diverse teams. What I have learned is that it is important to have thick skin, be open to different perspectives, and always put in the extra effort needed to achieve your goals. Be fearless!”

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