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Establishing an Information Ecosystem to Support Value-Based Care

1:00 p.m. ET/Noon CT, Wednesday, March 27

Fundamental shifts in healthcare payment models means that provider organizations need to gather and use data differently. Measuring value-based performance requires organizations to build outcomes-based financial models derived from a sound data infrastructure. Failing to do so jeopardizes reimbursements, which can negatively affect revenue, growth and a provider’s critical ability to achieve and maintain competitive advantage.

If data is to be used to support day-to-day operations and drive transformation, it must be trusted, scalable, actionable information from across the enterprise and that requires a thoughtfully planned enterprise information management (EIM) ecosystem.

With guidance from our data and value-based care experts, attendees will learn the key requirements for developing a healthy EIM ecosystem. This includes ensuring analytics frameworks, business processes, and governance structures are in place to rapidly consume data from multiple, highly complex data sources, and to transform raw data into the KPIs required for effective value-based care measurement and analysis.

This webinar is applicable to anyone in healthcare leadership, and individuals in a healthcare setting with oversight responsibilities related to the EHR, data warehousing, operational reporting/analytics, patient portals, patient registries, care management, contracts, claims or billing.

* All registrants will receive a copy of CTG’s latest publication “Data Governance Manifesto” authored by webinar speaker, John Walton.

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