The Cost-Saving Potential of Real-Time Inspection Feedback in the Energy Industry

December 12, 2023

Duration: 55 minutes

In the energy industry, accuracy and traceability in inspection reporting are critical for maintaining safe, compliant, and cost-effective operations. Traditional methods—which often rely on paper-based reporting and Excel spreadsheets—are increasingly recognized for their limitations, including human error and time required to convert paper reports to digital format. Yet paper, excel spreadsheets, and other manual methods remain entrenched as a primary reporting tool.

Without real-time feedback through a digital platform, organizations leave massive cost savings and operational efficiencies on the table. When every second counts solving a mission-critical anomaly, digitizing inspections means less human error, less wasted time, and more accurate data.

In this webinar, Ritwik Bose, Managing Director of Technology Consulting, and Chad Alessi, Solution Architect for Energy, share:

  • The current state of energy inspections
  • The challenges of paper-based or excel-driven inspections
  • The cost implications of delays in solving problems
  • How organizations can take steps to go digital
  • An overview of a platform designed for real-time inspections across your organization


Chad Alessi

Solutions Architect, Energy

Chad Alessi is an experienced leader in the energy industry with over 20 years of experience in oil and gas operations, engineering, project management, and operations consulting. He has held various leadership positions throughout his career, including Director of Operations for Williams Energy and senior engineer and supervisor of operations at Kinder Morgan. During his time in IT consulting, Chad was instrumental in driving IT transformation in the company's regulated pipeline and gas processing business units. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering, an MBA from the University of Alabama, an MS in Information Systems with a concentration in Information Security from Syracuse University, and post-graduate certifications in leadership, full stack development, cybersecurity, and cloud computing. Chad is known for his strong work ethic, integrity, resourcefulness, and service-based leadership, which he attributes to his time in the US Marine Corps.



Ritwik Bose

Managing Director of Technology Consulting, Eleviant CTG

Ritwik Bose, an IT professional and member of the Forbes Technology Council, specializes in understanding a client’s technical needs from the highest level to the most detailed minutia. His consultation work includes some of the world’s largest tech companies, and his experience spans across industries including healthcare, energy, finance, and manufacturing. He has helped organizations develop enterprise mobile apps, adopt robotic process automation, explore AI-empowered tools, and more. At Eleviant CTG, he oversees product demos, client contracts, business intelligence, and high-level architecture mapping.

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