Large Oil and Gas Company

Our client is a premier international corporation specializing in the procurement of natural oil and gas. Established over a century ago, the organization has expanded its reach to encompass operations across 13 nations, all while maintaining a steadfast commitment to the efficient and productive exploration and extraction of oil and natural gas.


The natural oil and gas company previously engaged a vendor to make a digital copy of one specific offshore drilling platform through laser scanning and 3D model creation, but upon inspection, they discovered that their employees were unable to use the digital copy effectively. They came to CTG because they needed a different version of a Digital Twin application that would allow employees to efficiently perform work planning.


As the company's chosen partner, CTG developed a proof of concept to assign unique identification numbers to assets in a facility, tying them to their spatial locations and creating an added layer in the existing Digital Twin models. By leveraging programmatic automations and utilizing the resources provided by AWS Virtual Machines and Amazon Workspace, CTG was able to help the organization streamline their information enrichment process, leading to improved work planning procedures and a 50% reduction in manual processing time and costs.

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