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Our client is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers. Founded over a century ago, the company has grown from a small Midwestern brand to a global pharmaceutical powerhouse, with a company culture focused on research and quality.


Over the course of our more than 30-year relationship with the client, needs have arisen in many areas, including the following: 

  • Computer System Validation (CSV) and quality management support to meet regulatory requirements and high demand for validation and testing services
  • Drug research and development, requiring custom solutions to meet the client's specific requirements, which cannot easily be addressed by commercial, off-the-self systems
  • Data-related needs for the Toxicology space, including a data migration and archiving effort involving about 10 systems and a solution for data-retaining and non-data-retaining systems
  • Clinical Trials management to ensure on-time delivery and no auditable findings due to testing
  • Maintenance and improvement of core business functions, requiring services related to web and app development, app and IT support, transitioning from paper to a computer-based system, tool installation and training, and more



To date, CTG has provided our client with expert CSV consulting and solutions, more than 100 solutions to aid in product development, an award-winning data migration and retirement effort, exceptional clinical trials management, and process improvement across various departments and teams.

Moving forward, CTG continues to provide our client with reliable, value-add IT solutions and services that meet their evolving industry and regulatory needs

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