Founded in 2016, clim8 is a leading smart textiles company that leverages its technological and scientific expertise to design the next generation of smart thermal clothing and accessories. clim8 works in partnership with leading brands in their markets to adapt and launch smart connected garments that meet the specific needs of industries, activities, and users. Dedicated to innovation, clim8 continues to bring ever more advanced technologies, allowing their partner brands to enter the world of e-textile, and users to achieve an unparalleled level of comfort.


To improve its technology and products, clim8 has taken significant steps to modernize its mobile app to provide users with a more seamless and personalized experience. As part of this effort, clim8 faced several quality assurance (QA) challenges, including resources, time, and experience testing apps in conjunction with wearables. 


CTG created a robust and thorough manual test plan for the clim8 app that not only accounted for its specific needs but also the challenges associated with IoT tests. 

The testing campaign was run using 15 different smartphone configurations and revealed multiple bugs that could not be detected in previous phases of the project and without CTG’s help. The discovery of these bugs was essential for clim8 to improve its application and provide a better user experience.

CTG's efficient testing campaign allowed clim8 to ensure the quality of the user experience and meet critical deadlines that were essential to achieving its business goals.

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