Faces of CTG: David Trance

We are pleased to recognize David Trance in our “Faces of
CTG” series for his 30 years of service and recent promotion
to Managing Director of Recruiting. Dave is known by his
colleagues as a teacher and mentor with a “roll-up-the-
sleeves, let’s-get-it-done” attitude who embodies
commitment, a strong work ethic, and ultimately, CTG’s
core value: reliability. His enduring dedication to CTG and
willingness to help anyone and face challenges head-on,
have made him an invaluable member of CTG over the

Dave has held a variety of positions in his more than 30 years of service with CTG, culminating in his promotion. His experience, long tenure, and extensive knowledge of the IT services industry and expertise in talent acquisition systems made him the perfect candidate for this key position. Early in his career, Dave served as a billable CTG consultant for several clients as a Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Project Management Consultant. Dave later transitioned into business operations and has performed a number of roles, including Account Manager, Site Manager, Quality Manager, Recruiter, Resource Manager/Career Developer, Regional Recruiting Manager, Director of Subcontractor Relations, and Director of Recruiting Research. 

Here's what a few of Dave’s colleagues had to say:

“Rock on, Dave. I have worked with you for almost 20 years in almost all your jobs at CTG. The executives chose the right person for this role. I look forward to our collaboration.”

 Darren Whitaker, Director of Operations –  


"I've worked with Dave since I started at CTG in 2007. Over the years, he has been a great teacher and mentor. Dave truly cares about CTG and those who work here. I have no doubt he will do everything possible to ensure the success of our recruiting teams. His knowledge of the many aspects of CTG will help him run a successful recruiting organization. I am excited to continue my work with him and support him in this new role.”

Elizabeth Martin, Research Analyst – 


“Over the years, Dave has provided critical support for CTG proposals by deploying innovative approaches to deliver the staffing data, resumes, and subcontractor information required to meet highly specific client requirements. Beyond this support, I have always valued the education Dave has provided the proposal team around CTG’s staffing business and recruiting processes, which assists us in creating compelling client-facing documents.”

Kyle Renner, Senior Proposal and Communications Specialist –  


“When I think of Dave Trance, one of the first things that comes to mind is his enduring commitment to CTG. Dave is always willing to help anyone, at any time, no matter what. If you’ve ever asked him for help, you know that he will provide the most thorough answer possible, ensuring you walk away with a clear answer. Dave’s work ethic and commitment to deliver what he promises is second to none. He faces projects head on and never shies away from challenging work. I have no doubt that his roll-up-the-sleeves, let’s-get-it-done attitude is what earned him this promotion. Congratulations, Dave!”

Laura Tevens, Senior HR Advisor – 


“Dave is one of the most dedicated CTGers that I’ve worked with over the past 20 years. That dedication, combined with his intellect, vast knowledge of CTG and recruiting, perseverance, attention to detail, and wry sense of humor, make Dave the perfect choice to lead recruiting. Congratulations, Dave, I look forward to working with you!”

 Jeffrey Gifford, Director of Contracts – 


“I’ve worked with Dave since I started here in 2003. Dave has wonderful knowledge of CTG, and not just the systems and processes, but a deep understanding of the people that work here. If you are a CTG employee, I would guess at one point or another you have either worked with Dave Trance or you know his name. Dave is a doer and he can be trusted to get the job done. I have great respect for Dave and look forward to working with him more on a day-to-day basis. Congratulations, Dave, on your new role. You couldn’t have gotten a better team of people . . . LOL!”

Denise Peters, Recruiting Manager – 


“Dave has always been an integral member of our recruiting team and will be able to keep the momentum that Jim has brought to our organization over the last 18 months going strong. Dave brings a thorough understanding of CTG’s recruiting process as well as in-depth client knowledge and awareness. He is one of the most committed and dedicated professionals to getting the ‘job done right’ that I have ever known. Under Dave’s direction, we’ll be able to leverage the strength of our recruiting organization and team up with our new sales organization. I’m truly excited for the future of CTG!”

Kate Orngard, Staffing Team Manager/Senior IT Recruiter – 

Dave’s dedication and commitment to CTG has been an example to others. He is highly qualified to take on the Managing Director of Recruiting role. Over twelve years, we have worked closely together on many uniquely different matters. His attention to detail and knowledge on the various subjects is commendable. Dave’s always willing to lend a hand and possess the exact core values we except from a CTG leader. I feel fortunate to call him a peer and look forward to the years to come!

Stephanie M Giancola, Director, Operations SSS –

We are lucky to work with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals available, and Dave is a great example of longtime employee who has continually shown reliability and commitment to his team. Congratulations, Dave, on your well-deserved promotion to Director of Recruiting. 



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