Regulatory Compliance

CTG's Regulatory Compliance offerings assist clients in understanding, preparing for, and mitigating risk related to government regulations and industry standards.


CTG's Regulatory Compliance offerings are scalable to meet the needs of companies of any size, and support our clients’ realization of a secure IT infrastructure that supports and sustains a high level of data integrity, availability, and confidentiality. Offerings include audits and assessments, validation, qualification, and program management for highly-regulated industries such as healthcare and life sciences, telecommunications, and financial services, as well as cross-industry data privacy and security requirements.  

CTG’s assessment and remediation capabilities provide clients with a full picture of compliance gaps and exposures, as well as a roadmap to address or close those shortcomings. Assessments draw on our extensive knowledge, experience, and practices in a multitude of regulated environments, and they follow industry-specific standards, guidelines, and regulations. CTG services clients in many industries, such as healthcare and life sciences, where our clients look to CTG for industry-specific expertise and assessments in areas such as FDA compliance, value-based care (ACO and risk-sharing), and CMS measures.

CTG's services support the realization of a secure IT infrastructure that supports and sustains a high level of data integrity, availability, and confidentiality. Our IT system validation assessments range from off-the-shelf packages to multi-site ERP systems, to IT infrastructure qualification assessments, quality management documentation assessments (policies, procedures, and supporting documentation), and qualification for a wide range of laboratory and manufacturing equipment to ensure they meet the latest industry standards. Our Disclosure Management Solutions (DMS) address one of the telecommunication industry's most pressing, and growing, areas of concern - data retention, disclosure, and exploitation.

Vendor audit services provide CTG clients with a full compliance picture of their business partners, thoroughly investigating all aspects of regulatory compliance within the IT domain. The result is better decision making for supplier selection and a significant reduction in remediation time, effort, and cost.


CTG's Regulatory Compliance practice maintains a partnership in Europe with Varonis and Micro Focus (formerly HPE Software).