Announcing STBoX 3.0

STBoX 3.0 is the result CTG’s commitment to continuously improving our Testing Services and represents the continuing evolution of our proprietary, software testing framework.

The flexibility of the new STBoX 3.0 allows the application of this comprehensive software testing process to fit many different needs, such as:

  • Project managers, test managers, and quality managers can tailor STBoX to the specific context of the project they are working on. Through an ingenious system of add-ons, STBoX offers tips and tricks for tuning testing practices for the specific project management methodology being applied, the specific test object being tested, or the specific test type at hand.
  • Policy makers gain a reliable testing maturity model to measure and improve their organization’s testing processes.
  • All test professionals will benefit from STBoX as a source of inspiration and organization to help jump start testing initiatives.

At CTG, we understand that software testing is a mainstream software development activity today. It is no longer a question of whether to test, but rather how testing can be continuously improved to address new challenges.