Improving the Velocity and Accuracy of the Cloud Application Development and Delivery Process

The clock is ticking for your organization to progress on digital transformation. For true agility and efficiency in business operations, bringing together your IT operations and development teams is essential. When your teams work separately, there are often conflicting goals and disparate processes, which can cause project delays and cost overruns.

To bring teams together, more and more organizations are adopting the practices referred to as DevOps or Cloud-based DevOps. Cloud-based DevOps-as-a-Service moves collaboration to the cloud, automating many group processes using virtual tools.

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CTG’s Cloud-based DevOps-as-a-Service offering is designed to assess and recommend improvements in the cloud application delivery process, infrastructure, and security. CTG assists in implementing these improvements through hands-on development, knowledge transfer, and cooperative collaboration. Our offering helps your organization realize: 

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    Improved Security

    Accessing and recommending enhancements to the cloud application delivery process, infrastructure, and security

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    Software Delivery Agility

    Redesigning the software release process to improve time, performance, and quality

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    Reduced Costs

    Uncovering areas of improvement to decrease costs (e.g., creating automation to prune and clean up unneeded data)

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    Continuous Cloud Automation Integration, Delivery, and Deployment

    Developing automation and testing that reduces delays and issues in the development process

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    Reduced Failures and Faster Recovery from Errors

    Utilizing cloud automation within the release process for more reliable and repeatable application builds

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    More Reliable Performance of Cloud Applications

    Deploying performance testing to focus on better, more consistent support for business and applications

our offering

CTG’s Cloud-based DevOps-as-a-Service offering focuses on the following key areas:

  • Cloud Database

    Container Orchestration

    • Scalability (e.g., autoscaling and load balancing)
    • Additional security on each individual container
    • Service discovery and container networking
    • Health monitoring/metrics
    • Simplified container lifecycle management 
  • Revenue Efficiency

    Cost Optimization

    • Lights-out policies
    • Lifecycle policies for storage
    • Management/use of reserved instances
    • Optimization of resource architecture
    • Pruning policies
    • Rightsizing
  • Continuous Data Cycle

    Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD Pipelines)

    • Reduce outage risks through deployment improvements (e.g., blue/green deployments)
    • Improve deployment agility
    • GitOps/GitHub Actions
  • Coding

    Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

    • Development to ensure components/services are implemented and allow for integration into CI/CD pipelines
  • Devops

    Security Operations (DevSecOps)

    • Integration between operations management and security controls
    • Automation of key security tasks
    • Better security auditing by automating processes to easily generate trustworthy records
    • Security tooling (e.g., Sentinel, Advanced Threat Detection, Distributed Denial of Service Protection, etc.)
    • Alerting
    • Threat intelligence/detection
    • Visualization 
  • Cloud Optimization

    Project-Based Efforts

    • Automation of user management
    • Infrastructure pipeline management
    • Security review
    • Disaster recovery
Why CTG?
  • Experience/Industry Expertise (correct file)

    Cloud Experts

    Extensive knowledge of automating infrastructure to ensure speed to market, implementing security measures, and testing and optimizing workloads utilizing the cloud and Cloud-based DevOps

  • Process

    Proven Methodology

    Assesses and recommends improvements in your cloud application delivery process as well as suggests cost efficiencies, speeding up the successful adoption of an effective Cloud-based DevOps process

  • Partnership Consulting

    Strategic Partnerships

    185+ clients deploying 550+ cloud-enablement projects in every major industry 

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