Human-Powered IT Help Desk with 24x7 Full-Service Support

Are your IT end users satisfied with the customer service your current help desk provides? Does your current vendor meet all service level agreements?

If not, CTG can help.

Our scalable Help Desk Services provide best-in-class, 24x7 support for all IT-related questions, incidents, and requests. CTG delivers: 

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    First-level resolution rate: > 90% in-scope

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    Speed to answer: ≥ 80% under 30 sec.

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    Low abandonment rate: ≤ 5%

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    ITIL-certified managers: 5+ years of experience

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    Trained agents: 3+ years of experience

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    Certified experts: Available 24x7x365

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    Flexible delivery models: Blended onshore/offshore staffing to contain costs

Download CTG’s CIO Assessment Checklist for Level 1 Help Desk Vendors

CTG supports 900+ applications, including:

IT Help Desk Services

CTG’s comprehensive IT Help Desk Services range from an initial Support Model Assessment to better define your support needs, to staff augmentation of an existing help desk, to full help desk outsourcing with a range of available support models.

Our experienced analysts provide efficient and effective support services designed to minimize disruption, maximize productivity, bring discipline to your support environment, embrace continuous improvement, and improve end-user satisfaction.

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    Support Model Assessment

    We perform a comprehensive review of your existing support model, and provide a Report of Findings benchmarked against industry best practices and a recommended help desk roadmap.

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    IT Help Desk

    We are your end users’ single point of contact. We understand that the more we increase our first level resolution (FLR), the more value we provide to you. We thoroughly document each issue to ensure seamless communication across departments and to facilitate improved FLR, and contribute to a knowledge base to improve future support. These scalable, multi-level services are delivered according to defined services plans, with mutually agreed upon service level agreements (SLAs). Our support includes:

For healthcare organizations, we provide Tier 1.5 Clinical Service Desk support to resolve EHR issues for clinical users. CTG’s analysts receive vendor-specific training in industry-leading EHR systems, resulting in improved FCR and lower average talk times compared to the industry average. The higher FLR rate in turn allows our clients to focus their attention on more critical organizational IT regulatory and optimization efforts and a lower average talk time allows your clinicians to return to patient care faster. Our services integrate seamlessly with your workflows and physician environment. Our experts can also assist with patient portal and telehealth application support.

Your End Users Deserve Reliable Support. Contact CTG Now.

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We help our clients achieve greater end-user satisfaction while reducing Costs

Children’s Hospital 

Providing Level 1 IT Service Desk since 2018

  • Telephone Service Factor: 85%+ of calls answered in 30 seconds
  • Resolution Time: 99.7% of phone and 97.2% of web-submitted contacts resolved or escalated within 1 hour
  • Abandonment Rate: ~2% after 30 seconds

Aerospace Industry Manufacturer

Providing Level 1 IT Help Desk Support since March 2019

  • Telephone Service Factor: 90+% of calls answered in 30 seconds
  • Resolution Time: 94+% of phone calls answered within 30 seconds and 95+% of web-submitted contacts responded to within 1 hour
  • Abandonment Rate: ~1% after 30 seconds
Why CTG?

We have provided IT solutions and services for more than 50 years and have supported more than 900 applications for more than 180 clients.

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    Premium Services

    We offer a balance between quality and cost. Our Service Level Metrics meet or exceed:

    • FLR: >90% In-scope
    • Speed to answer: >=80% of calls < 30 sec
    • Abandonment Rate: <= 5%
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    Higher First-Level Resolution

    Our support teams resolve issues at the first level to avoid escalation to more expensive resources, reducing total cost of ownership.

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    Qualified Resources

    Agents are trained and have 3+ years’ experience.

    • ITIL-certified managers
    • National access to qualified resources
    • Flexibility to quickly ramp up or down
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    Flexible Delivery Models

    CTG offers multiple delivery models to support unique needs, including a blended onshore/offshore staffing model to contain costs

    • Mostly dedicated staff during routine business hours
    • Shared staff during evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays
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    Continuous Improvement

    We leverage industry-best Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) that reviews every escalated incident to drive higher FLR.

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    Seamless Integration

    We can integrate into your existing support infrastructure, or provide managed services and assume all support responsibility.

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