In Their Words

CTG’s value is based on our track record of consistently meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations. While other companies might say the same thing, we all know the truth: IT services suffer a reliability deficit. 

At CTG, reliability is our defining corporate characteristic and our stock in trade. But don’t take our word for it—read what a few of our clients had to say, In Their Words. 


“SalesBridge brings us to the next level of professional interaction with our customers. It provides our Salesforce with a 360 degree view on customer information, and will help us in gathering more market intelligence with a higher granularity.” 

- Carlos Otero

Business Owner

Bridgestone Europe



“The ability to adapt to the customer’s approach and way of working and good product expertise proved CTG to be the right choice as partner in this project. They also provide an excellent and much-needed interface to HP’s support organization. We now have a monitoring environment that is ready for our plans for the future.” 

- Mario Brackeva

Change and Monitoring Manager 

De Persgroep Publishing



“Senior living is going through significant changes and the marketplace for solutions is very dynamic. Having worked with CTG in a number of healthcare systems, I felt their team’s knowledge would be important to understand the senior living space. Their disciplined methods were essential to bringing order to the vendor evaluations, leading to the results we desired. As always, they were attentive to our goals and needs.”

- Steve Tarr, PhD

Former Executive Vice President of IT and CIO, Emeritus Senior Living




"CTG’s consultants provided outstanding service and quality from initial engagement to project completion. What Emerus valued most from CTG is the depth of clinical knowledge of the emergency medicine environment, the latest CMS regulations regarding the Two midnight rule/observation/inpatient admissions, a direct experience with Interqual, and the attention to analytics and detail. CTG crafted a very thorough and thoughtful analysis which allowed us to implement a solution that was effectively deployed to our nursing and physician staff. Presentations were made to several levels of executive management which recognized CTG's immense amount of preparation and incredible planning to ensure the success of the project... Although the majority of our engagements with CTG involve Epic, this Interqual project in particular is a reminder that for all things healthcare and technology, CTG is a comprehensive solutions provider that has my full trust to do an exceptional job, turnkey, in more than exceeding my expectations. The environment of healthcare regulations and technology is ever changing and we are grateful to have the resources of CTG in helping us navigate, create value, and deliver innovation whenever possible. Thank you to CTG for being an invaluable resource to Emerus and we look forward to the continued collaboration between our two organizations." 

 - Trang Dawson, MBA

Former Chief Information Officer

Emerus Holdings, Inc.


“essenscia appreciated CTG as a professional and flexible partner in the development of an intuitive, yet intelligent, web application.” 

-  Philippe Cornille

Responsible for Environment and Safety





“CTG came in and assessed our clinic and care coordination programs from both PCMH 2014 and MU2. The assessment was quick and efficient. We used the results to present our immediate priorities for technology and consultant support to our Board of Directors and key funders. After just three months, we went from not being able to renew for PCMH 2011 to submitting for PCMH 2014, and qualified for an additional $30,000 per year in safety-net incentives for results delivery. Our consultants have become a part of our clinic family, because they took the time to understand us enough to improve our quality without upending our day-to-day workflow. We will use their services for years to come!"  

- Sarah Gardner

AVP, Healthcare System Development

Evergreen Health Services


"Customer focus is a core organizational value within Fedict. The professional handling of all customer calls is key. We are very pleased with the structured and timely project approach from CTG and the consistent quality delivered in all aspects of the call handling process."

- Bob Artois

Service Desk Manager




 “At FOD Finance, there are several initiatives to increase the quality of our online applications. Security is essential here. We are satisfied with the specialized software that CTG installed for us in order to detect vulnerabilities at an early stage. That’s why we will continue to use this approach in all of our applications.”

- Frank Baelus

IT Advisor

FOD Finance



“The changes brought on by CTG’s managed service have been monumental to IHA as they have created a successful Production Support department and Production Support methodologies, which we will carry on with for many years.

Prior to this arrangement, production application support was performed by the developers who originally created it. This became problematic as they left or were engaged in other time-sensitive issues. CTG brought us best practices on how to engage in proper application ‘turnover,’ documentation, and run-time data, allowing us to support applications without having the knowledge held by the creator. They also brought us ‘on-call’ methodology that ensures 24x7 coverage of critical applications and processes without running off-hour shifts. These practices, and their inherent efficiencies, are utilized today and will continue.

Over these years, our primary development language and technologies migrated from Cobol/AS-400 to Java and Web Services/SOA-ESB. We also changed from pure Waterfall development to an Agile methodology. CTG’s flexibility, along with their excellent recruitment abilities, provided new resources with valuable skills as our needs changed. We were never in a position of having the wrong balance of skills.

24x7 production support is generally not viewed as a worthwhile career path for strong application developers.CTG knew this and ensured that we received developers who would look at these responsibilities as a positive learning experience and give us their ‘all.’ Resource turnover was minimal and never negatively impacted us. CTG always ensured adequate knowledge transfer and that the responsibilities remained with them. CTG also considered the necessary soft skills. They found developers who struck the right balance between development and analytical skills with the proper amount of business acumen and strong communication abilities. I personally never had to deal with any personnel issues with any CTG resources. In a few rare cases, where we had someone who wasn’t quite ‘working out’, CTG quickly made the appropriate change of that resource and always ensured our satisfaction throughout.

Finally, I must commend the management that CTG provided with their resources. They were extremely professional and ensured professionalism from their staff. The managers also never gave us the impression that they were representing CTG, they were always representing us and cared as much, and were as passionate as any of our own internal managers. Also, I must mention how well they prepared every resource that they brought in. They not only trained and prepared them with the processes that CTG brought with them, but they ensured proper training of our internal processes, procedures, policies, and even our corporate culture and general knowledge of our business. We didn’t have to train them at all. The CTG managers even conducted their onboarding training to our own IT associates just as if they were from CTG. Obviously, I have been very pleased by this managed service agreement and hope that we can continue with the methodologies that CTG brought and taught to us during this engagement.”

- William St. George

IT Director, Production Services

Independent Health Association



“Having arrived just two months after an Epic enterprise-wide go-live, the best move I ever made was to contact CTG to help us get the revenue cycle back on track. A thorough assessment was done, and over the next 12 months, the performance of the revenue cycle was brought back to pre-live levels, and it continues to improve. Their team brought superior project management discipline, in-depth knowledge of Epic revenue cycle tools, and perhaps most importantly, strong operational experience. I can’t thank them enough.”

- Former Vice President, Revenue Cycle



“Having the right partner to provide guidance and structure to a very complex implementation clearly contributed to St. Luke’s implementation success. CTG, as our partner, introduced project discipline and rigor which resulted in measurable, positive clinical and financial outcomes. The CTG team’s expertise, cohesiveness, and professionalism integrated best practices, lessons learned, and transferred knowledge to the organization. The project’s success has built the foundation for the next phases of the project—a final product that will be used by physicians and clinicians across the organization.”

- Marc Chasin, M.D., MMM, CPE

Vice President & CMIO

St. Luke’s Health System



"Thanks to CTG's Agile CSV approach, we were able to achieve compliance within very tight timelines and still remain cost effective. The applied validation strategy of Toxikon Europe's Laboratory Organization Management System was scrutinized several times during GMP audits, and the outcome has been successful ever since." 

- Jos Bollen, Director Europe

Kevin Breesch, Quality Assurance Manager 



“CTG’s approach centered our project philosophy on people, so the new service management solution is accepted and used as a daily working tool, and was also fostered from early life onwards as being developed by our IT staff.” 

- Tim Vermeiren

Project Leader

UZ Gent