Strategy, Solutions, Services, and Staffing


CTG’s strategic consulting engagements deliver customized recommendations and plans that address business and IT challenges and maximize the realization of benefits.

CTG subject matter experts apply business and IT insights to guide clients through business challenges via effective use of technology, from IT strategy and system selection, to workflow process design.

Strategy engagements support enterprise, network, and security architecture, business and IT alignment, regulatory and compliance mandates, and IT performance optimization.


CTG’s solutions are engagements with fixed duration and deliverables that achieve value-based outcomes by applying the right IT solutions to address clients’ business needs.

These solutions include the implementation and optimization of packaged software applications, the development and deployment of customized software and solutions designed to fit the needs of a specific client or market, and the design and distribution of complex technology components.  


CTG’s services deliver ongoing support with service-level responsibility for a range of IT functions to ensure system availability and high client satisfaction.

CTG provides multi-tier expertise for the management of mission-critical enterprise IT functions including help and service desk, infrastructure maintenance, application management and support, and technical and business monitoring.


CTG’s staffing services address a range of IT and business resource needs, from filling specific talent gaps to managing high-volume staffing programs.

CTG recruits, retains, and manages IT and other talent for its clients, which are primarily large technology service providers and companies with multiple locations and significant need for high-volume external IT, administrative, or other resources.