GDPR: Act Quickly!

CTG was recently featured in the article, "GDPR: Act Quickly" for Solutions Magazine. The article discussed the 10th annual European Data Protection Day, organized January 28, 2016, stating that this day is more topical than ever. In the piece, CTG explained that  the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will require time and significant resources to be implemented. This new regulation is will strengthen the rights of consumers and other beneficiaries for the protection of personal data, but European companies cannot afford to take too much time to adjust to new regulations. 

"Officially, companies have two years to comply with the new directive from the date of its adoption. But given the complexity of the subject, they should make it a priority," said Fabienne Lens, Director Regulatory Compliance, Europe for CTG.

To read the full article, visit Solutions Magazine. Note: this article is published in French.