Erin B.

Erin B.
Company title: 
Years at CTG: 
3.5 Years
Born in Chicago, IL and grew up in Greensboro, NC
Current City: 
Raleigh, NC
Favorite Thing to Do Outside of Work: 
Travel the world! (and eat!)

I reluctantly start my weekdays at 5:30am and head to the gym for a quick work out then back home to shower and get ready. I make some scrambled eggs and a big cup of coffee before I’m out the door and off to work. I only live about 12 minutes from the office (without rush-hour traffic), but on most days it can take anywhere from 25-45 minutes to get to work. 

 I am usually the first one at the office, so I have a little quiet time. I start by sifting through and responding to all my emails that came in overnight. Depending on how many positions I am working on and where they are located, my email inbox can fluctuate. I also try to regroup every morning and figure out which positions I need to work on the day. We have a quick team recruiting call for the client account that I work on every morning to touch base on what our priorities are each day.  After my morning call, it’s time to catch up with everyone in the Raleigh office (most of the recruiters for my client account are located in Rochester, NY, while some of us are in Raleigh and some are remote) and hit the job boards to find people to put to work!

Most days I work through lunch, splitting up my time between the multiple positions I’m recruiting for throughout the United States, scouring job boards, emailing and calling candidates, setting up and confirming interviews, etc. Today, (Thursdays) I step out for a yoga session put on by the office park where I work! I never considered myself a yoga person; I always said I was not Zen enough for it. However, having this little “me” break has been my favorite part of the week – relaxing and refreshing. After yoga, I’m ready to conquer the rest of the day! Back to contacting candidates and discussing the job opportunities I have available. 

As soon as I come home from work, I change into sweatpants and a tee shirt (who doesn’t change into their “comfies” right away?!).  I usually log on when I come home until my husband gets home from work. I love to cook, so I either make a nice dinner or go to one of the many amazing restaurant options in Raleigh. However, most likely, I stay in my “comfies” and enjoy a low-key night with my husband, a homemade dinner, and usually a glass of red wine before I call it an early night… because 5:30am comes early!

I started at CTG as a Site Coordinator/Account Manager Assistant and never really thought about recruiting. After talking with my pals/managers, I converted to the other side and haven’t turned back! I think having that account side perspective and knowledge has helped me be successful in this role. I am so glad I took this chance and that my CTG colleagues felt strongly enough to guide me into recruiting!

What I love about recruiting is knowing that I am helping people find employment, as well as the relationships I build with candidates and clients. I’m sure you have heard this once or twice before…what I love most about CTG, is the people. From my local co-workers, to my client account team in Rochester, to the corporate team in Buffalo (even though I have not even met some of these people in person), I feel like I have known them a good part of my life and that we have a strong bond. I truly feel that we are a “Framily!”  We all have a common goal of working together to enrich the lives of our candidates and employees and to ensure we are providing the best quality of service to our clients.