Rob K.

Rob K.
Company title: 
Managing Director Strategic Staffing Services
Years at CTG: 
Vancouver, WA
Current City: 
Sisters, OR
Favorite Thing to Do Outside of Work: 
Watching my kids at swim, cross county, and track meets
Favorite Song Right Now: 
Illusory Sun-Ulrich Shcnauss

I start my day around 5:45am with a bible study and a cup of coffee. Next, I like to review my calendar and emails to begin prepping for calls and meetings that day (if at home, or on the road).

In the afternoon, I work on presentations, answer emails, and prepare for the next day. My role includes travel two to three weeks out of the month. During these trips, I am meeting with our clients, and the Strategic Staffing Services office management teams. Most recently, I am working with members of the CTG Global Solutions team and CTG sales management to help launch new partnerships. Plane rides to and from are mostly filled with laptop work to write follow-up emails to the meeting participants I engaged with. I do this while listening to music on my iPhone.

When I am at home in the evenings, I am usually transporting my daughters home from swim practice, having dinner with my family, and then watching a TV series. Right now, my favorites are Blacklist, This is Us, and Madame Secretary.

My role at CTG has changed over the years as I started out working as Sales Manager back in the late 1990’s, selling cross industry project solutions and staffing to apparel manufacturers, utilities, Healthcare, semiconductor firms, and to software firms. In this role, I developed the ability to work with IT Directors, CIO’s, Finance and Procurement. When I rejoined CTG in 2006, I worked in government sales with accounts based in Alaska, Seattle and San Diego. In 2010, I joined the CTG Health Solutions team where we specialized in selling Electronic Medical Records consulting services. Following in 2014, I became Managing Director for Strategic Staffing Services, responsible for sales and operations at Rochester MN, Bentonville AR, Austin TX, and Tucson AZ CTG offices. I enjoy the challenges of my current role, driving software and consulting partnerships, and working with the CTG Global Solutions team. Our efforts create value for CTG clients and drive company growth.

There are a few key principles I have learned throughout my career. First, make sure your contributions are measurable because you are paid for results. Secondly, expose yourself to as many opportunities as you can, but deliver value in the process, and lastly, work hard and smart (don’t be the definition of insanity).

In my 30+ years of working in the Information Technology field, I have never experienced a more rewarding work experience than the 15 years I have worked at CTG. Not only is there great camaraderie within CTG, but a relentless work effort to supply clients with the talent and quality expertise they want to drive their businesses successfully.