CTG Luxembourg

CTG Luxembourg, founded in 1996 and home to more than 450 employees today, provides industry leading IT services. As the company has grown in size, we have maintained a history of successful client collaboration. CTG Luxembourg is comprised of two entities that work together to address the needs of our clients:  

  • CTG Luxembourg PSF (CTG PSF) serves the needs of clients primarily in the banking, financial, and insurances industries and the government, as well as those in several other high-growth industries, including telecommunications, healthcare, energy, and technology services. CTG PSF currently serves end users in 45 countries. Our PSF certification and CSSF supervision, as well as a demonstrated understanding of the sensitive data these organizations manage, authorizes CTG PSF to deliver services to Luxembourg financial clients.
  • CTG IT Solutions (CTG ITS) is dedicated to serving our European Institutions clients.

CTG Luxembourg PSF Offerings 

CTG PSF provides industry-leading end-to-end Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services and consulting. Utilizing our Delivery Center (DC) model, our portfolio of services leverages best practice methodologies and covers the full IT spectrum. Our services, comprised of Plan, Build, Operate, Deploy, and Test, are designed to meet the unique needs of each client.


Luxembourg Offerings



  • DC—Application Development: Solutions designed to maximize the value of enterprise software, with services that include development, deployment, integration, optimization, and application management and support
  • DC—Quality Assurance: Services that ensure the success of critical development projects by applying Quality Assurance best practices and our proprietary analysis and testing methodologies, resulting in decreased and optimized projects costs and improved time-to-market
  • DC—Infrastructure: Hosting and management outsourcing services that integrate systems and applications in our private hosting platform or the public Cloud. Our proven delivery methodologies and service management capabilities ensure a smooth transition with no service breakdown and alignment with organizational growth objectives
  • DC—Service Desk: Services that ensure the efficiency and end-user satisfaction of your service desk, measured by agreed upon levels of service. Our analysts serve as a single point of contact for your IT end users, resolving or appropriately routing all reported issues (e.g., incident, request, problem, and change management) related to applications, hardware, or operating systems
  • DC—IMAC: Services that help organizations facing corporate change events, such as moves or relocations, to smoothly manage and control the merging of people and assets through proactive planning and transition support, resulting in minimum disturbance to day-to-day operations and a smooth end-user experience
  • DC—Process Automation Tooling: Solutions that result in improved operational efficiency and decreased costs through the implementation of automation tools—based on an analysis of business processes to identify automation opportunities—that optimize employee work efforts on high-value initiatives
  • DC—Administrative Assistance: Solutions that improve operational efficiencies and free up IT specialists to work on strategic initiatives by optimizing processes, such as access rights and user account management, that can be addressed by non-IT specialists
  • DC—Operations Support: Services that ensure core business application continuity through 24x7 monitoring of the infrastructure and operational environments that support application and services for our clients. Our teams receives incidents and requests, analyzes them, and quickly provides solutions to restore service


CTG provides staffing solutions for a broad range of technical resource functions, such as Project/Program Management, Application Maintenance and Enhancement, System Implementation and Integration, Testing/Quality Assurance, Design, Engineering and Infrastructure Support, Technical Writing, Help Desk, and Web Development and Maintenance.

CTG Luxembourg IT Solutions Offerings 

CTG's IT Solutions (ITS) group is dedicated to the European Institutions’ market and provides on-site Support, Infrastructure, IT Maintenance, and Development services. Among other prestigious institutions, CTG’s ITS clients include the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the Court of Justice of the European Union. 

Our Approach

We understand that each client has its unique challenges that require our knowledge, experience, and capabilities to be delivered in different ways. CTG Luxembourg’s comprehensive solutions were designed with flexibility in mind, and can be delivered using one or more available delivery approaches—Solutions, Services, and Staffing (Managed or Flexible)—allowing CTG to support clients in the unique way each requires.