CTG United Kingdom

CTG United Kingdom (UK), founded in 1986, provides IT services and Communications Data solutions to the telecommunications industry and UK government and law enforcement agencies (LEAs)—a collaborative partnership that spans nearly 20 years.

CTG was the first UK company to implement a fully featured, automated disclosure workflow solution. Our Disclosure Management System™ (DMS) is a robust solution that manages all aspects of the disclosure process—from taking the initial request via a self-service portal (or via service center team), through automated or manual collection of requested data, and presentation of the data in a evidential-quality, standardized format.

DMS can be deployed “out of the box,” allowing communication service providers (CSPs) to respond to legal LEA requests for customer data in a manner that meets national disclosure requirements. Hundreds of thousands of LEA requestsspanning mobile, fixed, WiFi, and ISP datahave been successfully disclosed through our systems. Our experienced UK team has technical design, build, and test capabilities to ensure a high-quality product is delivered to clients.


  • Deployment Services
  • Management Consultancy
  • Service and Support
  • Staffing


CTG designs, builds, tests, and deploys our DMS product into CSPs’ secure environments. A wide range of standard templates and configurations allow for accelerated implementation with deployment onsite or as a secure, private, cloud-based service.

The system can be configured to support virtually any record disclosure and product type and can connect to any data store or business system to automate data acquisition, include its own data store, or offer full support for manual fulfillment via data entry.

Configurations and templates are restricted to appropriate users based on what they are permitted to request. Law enforcement can raise requests for themselves via the portal, or the disclosure team can raise a request on their behalf.

The system has a range of supplemental functions, including searching and reporting; invoicing and cost recovery; automated job and work queue management; and required configuration and administration options that allow full “code-free” control over how DMS operates.


CTG’s DMS solution is backed by consulting services that guide clients through technical and business strategies for lawful data disclosure, strategy development and best-practice advice, solution design and development, data store selection and implementation, and outsourcing and managed services implementation.

CTG’s Communications Data domain experience and knowledge, business and technology expertise, and understanding of clients’ service and operational landscape allows us to serve as a trusted partner to our clients. This experience and knowledge enables our team to help clients reduce cost and risk.


We provide a 24-hour, ITIL-based service management team to manage change and provide support services. We assure service availability, incident management, and performance management across our domestic and international clients.

Our service management team brings a mix of business, IT, police, government/Home Office, and LEA/Single Point of Contact experience and has the required Security and Developed Vetting clearances.


CTG UK provides staffing solutions for a range of business and IT technical functions.


CTG’s approach adheres to industry best practice and project/service management methodologies—including SAFe, Prince2, Agile, Waterfall, and ITIL—and is complimentary to all client requirements and environments.      


CTG UK has been at the forefront of business change, supporting the development of industry best practice in automated “machine-to-machine” API interfaces, Management Reporting, Communications Data Analysis, and Disclosure/Business Process Reengineering.

We have engaged with the UK Home Office for a number of years supporting a range of Proof of Concept (POC) and client-side consultancy initiatives, including CSP Service Catalogue/Data Dictionary POC and the Sustainment-Organizational Change project—both resulting in improved operational and service efficiency.

The CTG UK team has worked with the UK College of Policing on the RFPS project and with the UK LEA, supporting the implementation of IPA legislative changes. Both projects have delivered operational improvements to UK LEA field teams.