Think the Workplace Has Changed? Just Wait.

Jim Nichiporuk, Vice President, Strategic Staffing Services, CTG, wrote the article, "Think the Workplace Has Changed? Just Wait." for Staffing Industry Analysts' The Staffing StreamIn his article, Nichiporuk explains that as organizations become more comfortable with digital processes, technology will play an even greater role helping them attain and capitalize on talent. He states that the "human cloud" model for securing talent with specific skills will be increasingly applicable to the staffing of short-term projects, and will enable employers to tap people who prefer the flexibility the “gig economy” offers in a quick and cost-effective manner.

"This reality opens the door for employing those who either possess hard-to-find skills, or who can be retained at lower cost in other geographies – whether it’s the best full stack developer in small town America or a hard-to-find expert on legacy systems who lives 2,000 miles away."

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