EHR Optimization for Increased Employee Satisfaction

EHR Optimization

There's no question that technology has made life easier, improved workflows, saved lives, and cut stress. However, many will agree that it has also created some challenges with regard to patient records and the end user's experience. CTG Client Solution Executive and Informatics Nurse Specialist, Dana Bensinger, shares insights on EHR Optimization and its role in improving overall patient outcomes in this article titled, "EHR optimization for increased employee satisfaction."

"There’s never time when you can stop and say it’s time to optimize. You’ve got to constantly optimize and it’s challenging for operational leaders to keep up,” says Bensinger. As changes are rolled out, there needs to be an increased effort to empathize with the end user, understanding "how they're going to interact with the software and how they're going to fit it into their workflow." 

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