CTG Receives Marketing Excellence Award

CTG EMEA AwardCTG received a Marketing Excellence Award, EMEA 2016 from our partner, Dynatrace at their annual EMEA Partner Summit in Faro, Portugal. Dynatrace stated that they were extremely pleased that CTG, as a new partner, has taken onboarding very seriously, with a focus to be knowledgeable with Dynatrace as soon as possible. They also recognized CTG's work on a seminar, "Speed Matters - Faster Apps, Happy Users," which CTG hosted with Dynatrace. The seminar discussed the basics of Application Performance Management (APM), with a demo and presentations, including one by Michael Allen, Dynatrace VP Partners & Solutions, EMEA. They received exceptionally positive feedback, citing the organization, content, quality, and approach. 

"It’s rewarding to get the opportunity to work with a partner that embraces digital performance from the get go. We are excited to help CTG grow their digital performance business alongside our market leading monitoring solutions.  Thank you for your passion and dedication and we look forward to another exciting year ahead."  

 -Michael Allen – VP EMEA