Assessments: Building a Roadmap to Healthcare Security

CTG's Carl Armstrong, Solutions Director, Technology Services, wrote an article for HIT Leaders and News titled, "Assessments: Building a Roadmap to Healthcare Security." In it, Armstrong states that due in large part to a recent wave of ransomware attacks, concerns have been mounting lately over cybersecurity vulnerabilities in healthcare organizations. He then provided a few ways your healthcare organization can improve their cyber security, starting with investing in cyber security assessments. 

"A cyber risk assessment helps institutions ensure that a risk assessment is performed not only to simply satisfy compliance requirements, but that it provides value to the organization by taking into account potential failures in processes, people, organizational culture, and information technology. Cyber risk impacts often go beyond affecting compliance, also adversely affecting other enterprise risk areas such as information, operations, reputation, technology, and finance. Once the cyber risk assessment is complete, teams can use the findings to develop security and risk mitigation strategies that reasonably address the unique culture, risk appetite, and risk management needs of the institution."

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