Application Support Services White Paper on HITECH Answers

Our "Perception Versus Reality: Application Support Services Performance" white paper has been published on In the white paper, we share the ways in which an organization must protect its EHR investment not just through helpdesk support but by looking at new ways to manage basic production support tasks.

To ensure they remain compliant and competitive, healthcare organizations must guarantee that digital transformations do not adversely affect end-user expectations. Customer satisfaction, both provider and patient, is an imperative and must always be treated as a top priority. Following healthcare IT best practices and adhering to service-level agreements (SLAs) are two crucial steps organizations can take to ensure they are always operating at a high level and delivering a top notch experience.

Three driving forces behind the paper were Dr. Al Hamilton, vice president and general manager of our Health Solutions and Life Sciences practice; Angela Rivera, managing director; and Gary Mann, application management solutions director. Read the full white paper here, and learn more about our application management and support services here.